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I agree. The combination creates an unpleasant dissonance. This is not just because they look like common computer fonts, but also because the juxtaposition of serif and sans serif is clumsy, jarring, and exhibits none of the elements of elegant design for which JLC is known historically.
There is an internal logic - leaf hands for time, straight hands for timing - that I like about this. One knows immediately, even in a still photo, what each of the six hands does.The hours hand (time) looks asymmetrical in your photo. Is that just a bad pic?
Once seen cannot be unseen.
Agree, let the shoes break in first. You could try some heel liners (e.g. Scholl) if the slippage persists. It's possible that your heel is not EEE while the rest of your foot is.
The work looks top notch.
 Yes, the hands and numerals are lumed. It's a 1997 watch, so I don't know whether the lume is permanent or decaying, but they glow nicely in the dark at the moment.
A few pages ago, I asked for some advice on choosing between two pre-owned Reversos. Of course TWAT delivered. The one I chose arrived today, and I couldn't be more pleased: My thanks to TimeKeeping in Caen for the smooth transaction and pristine timepiece.
Spot on. That's exactly how it went with my first nice watch (a Rolex OQ). But somehow I'm happier to "own" my own scratches, rather than someone else's.
Thanks for all your input - what a great thread this is! I'm leaning towards watch B. I think the difference in the cleanness of the dials could well be a difference in the quality of the photography. Either way, I'll announce an "incoming" soon...
Yes, the bracelet has intrinsic value for the same price. I don't actually like it and I would wear the watch on a leather strap. But the bracelet doesn't wear down, so I will always be able to sell it on with an original JLC bracelet.The main ding is on the horizontal bars above the dial. It's more like a gouge and I'm pretty sure it's not buffable. It's not the worst thing but it is noticeable, whereas the case on watch B is flawless.It's an exquisite dilemma!
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