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Can anyone identify these Lobb boots? They look like something one might wear into battle, I can't find another example anywhere.  
Weight loss wardrobe clearance! Some nice shirts, all low starting bids. Howick Short Sleeved Shirt Green Checked XL       Time left:1d 5h leftSunday, 16:00 £4.20 9 bids   + £2.49 postage Howick Checked Shirt XL       Time left:1d 5h leftSunday, 16:00 £1.00 1...
Harris Tweed Jacket 42L   ENDS IN 8 HOURS. Current bid: £22.05    
Blazer Menswear Linen Suit Cream 44L / 38L  
Blazer Menswear Linen Suit Cream 44L / 38L  
Harris Tweed Jacket 42L   Pristine condition. £0.99 starting bid, no reserve. Can add international postage if there's interest (PM me).    
That's almost a deck shoe, which I think flies safely under the purist's radar. If you like them, buy them and enjoy them!
 This is Lobb's October sole (recognisable by the hexagonal studs) which is a thinner version of the familiar Dainite sole (circular studs). The manager at Jermyn Street explained that this was intended for shoes where the full Dainite treatment would look overly "agricultural", as with these elegant black monks.
I've used KG Shoes in NW1 (www.cobbler.co.uk). He seemed to be a knowledgeable and reasonably-priced cobbler.   Of tailors I know nothing.
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