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@Sandwich it's a great choice. I tried on some Speedmasters in an Omega shop in London a few weeks ago. Seeing them online, I found them unremarkable. However, they are different in the flesh. The classic Professional transcends the other versions, in my opinion. It is superbly finished: I had no appreciation for how fine the lettering on the dial and bezel are. A thing of beauty. Omega has also resisted the trend towards obscenely large watches, with the result that it is...
I think I have a dark grey suit by New & Lingwood, new with tags. Possibly some others. Never worn due to weight loss. Will check for you tomorrow morning.
Ha, a far more pleasant backdrop than mine! I do enjoy the yellowing of the silver dial in the right light.
Smart casual for a cold, bright Spring day:     Jacket: Lightweight Shetland tweed Tank top: Peter Werth Shirt: Unidentified Italian Trousers: Orvis cotton twill Shoes: Foster & Son Cavendish (by Edward Green)
 The former being the most important, of course.
^ Ceci n'est pas mal. After breakfast in a greasy spoon off Trafalgar Square, my OQ says it's time to hit the books:
I like everything about this, except that jarring diagonal date window. I am particularly fond of the marcella-like backdrop: is there a horological term for this?
@gwshearing Those have good character. Leave them alone, you'll only make things worse.
I pulled the trigger on some Alden cordovan straight tip bluchers at 25% off, with free shipping to the UK and all tax and import duties prepaid. The total was £412 ($585), which I thought was a good deal considering it was "all in". I'm hoping they look as great as I've heard tell.
I'm considering the Cordovan straight tip bluchers from Brooks Brothers, which are available shipped to the UK for £410 (around $580). They would be my first pair of Aldens. Firstly, is that a sensible price? Secondly, any opinions on black vs colour 8? I feel the black would be more versatile as it spans the spectrum from casual (e.g. with jeans) to all but the most formal wear. However, there is something rather special about the richness and lustre of colour 8. I look...
New Posts  All Forums: