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 I don't know what those terms mean but I do know that Grenson used Freudenberg calf (produced by Kegar) on at least some of its Masterpieces, as I own two such pairs. I hope that helps.
My laces fray and break very rapidly in these shoes compared to my other pairs, all of which have metal eyelets. This makes physical sense to me, as the smooth inner surface of a metal eyelet is bound to place a smaller frictional load on the lace than a rougher leather hole.
I thought I would resurrect this thread to ask the converse question:   Is it feasible to insert metal eyelets (preferably the 'blind' type which show only on the inside) into dress shoes whose lace holes do not already have them?
I have a very shallow foot and the 363 worked well for me recently (see the boot above). The Jermyn Street staff kindly added full leather insoles, which helped a lot.
  New Somerville boots purchased last week, just before the end of the winter sale. Black calf with charcoal suede on the 363 last. The contrast works extremely well with darker, more understated trousers (I was just trying them on in this photo).
Here's the polish. It is rebadged Saphir MDO.
SOLD one pair of barely-used Edward Green Ullswater brogues in beautifully-burnished navy country calf on the Dainite sole.   Size 11.5 UK (12 US), width D, last 202.   Purchased in December and worn only 4 times. Selling reluctantly because they are too narrow for my splayed toes, and I would rather find them a good home than risk them on a stretching machine.   Uppers pristine as can be seen in the photos. Minimal wear on the soles commensurate with use.   Shoes...
 Probably one for the shoe care thread, but I know from experience that the stains from oils and fats are extremely difficult to eradicate. My father spilled hot turkey fat on some brand new New & Lingwoood brogues and the damage is still visible two years later. Although it does give the shoe a certain... character. You could try stripping the whole upper with Renomat and re-polishing to get an even finish. If that doesn't work, I suggest dipping the entire shoe in olive...
I'm still getting the domain-for-sale page. Almost tempted to make an offer! Someone should really tell them. I'd pop in, but I have an early train to Paris. Anyone in London?
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