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Go back and snap the 12s, godammit. I'm sick of this sizism.
Yes, I was wondering whether Pizza was a new season model that I hadn't heard about.
Yes, my EG Malverns for Foster & Son have that tab instead of the "frog" stitch that EG tends to use on its own label shoes.
Yes, I would say the leather and construction are of similar quality. I don't think you will be disappointed.
Hello. The last is quite short and rather spacious in the instep. I wouldn't say it is unusually wide. I can't compare it to other lasts, but you should ask Sarah at AFPOS about this. She is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.Regarding quality, I consider them on a par with C&J. The AFPOS black caps have two design features which make them particularly interesting: the balmoral/galosh throat which extends all the way to the heel; and the swan neck stitching. They are very...
I imagine RTW comfort is governed by the compatibility of last with foot. For me, my EG Malverns on the 88 (for Foster & Son) have always felt like walking on air. No breaking in required.
Yes, there is no clear brand identity at present. The Bowen shop in Piccadilly Arcade is worth visiting. I popped in a few months ago and it had the Armfields on sale, which were spectacular. Sadly the last (99, I think) did not work for me. Bowen is a French company - maybe the name has more recognition there.
Almost all makers produce "re-badged" shoes, often to a different standard from their main lines. Even Edward Green used to this, e.g. for Foster and New & Lingwood. However, except among the cognoscenti here, their reputations will be based on their own lines. Sargent are clearly capable of producing high quality shoes, I would say on a par with C&J's top offerings. The question is can they market them successfully themselves, or will they rely on resellers?
The Opus V is like a relic from Atlantis. It wouldn't surprise me if it has one of these driving it:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_mechanismA fascinating watch. Great pottery too.
Yes, the variation in colour and/or material makes dress boots much more interesting. I like that they appear as sober oxfords when standing, but that one's personality is introduced to proceedings by the mere act of sitting.
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