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Indeed. Here are some proper loafers from the old Masterpiece range, made in Freudenberg calf.Incidentally, the factory will still refurbish these old shoes, so the expertise is still there.
There's something about that Vacheron that makes it stands out, even in such august company. Perhaps it's the lugs, or perhaps it's the understatedness of the chronograph (two dials and elegant button size, c.f. the Patek).A horde of horologie.
I have always found the shops in Burlington Arcade to be expensive - used pieces for close to new money - but I didn't know they had this reputation!
These two are truly stunning. The kudu apron is the most mesmerising shoe I've ever seen posted here.
I'm not aware of this story, but I think it would be a disaster for the company. Every time I take the London Underground, which is most days, I see half a dozen Rolex watches. They have become so ubiquitous that they have started to lose their cachet. I have only one Rolex in my collection, a blessedly rare Oysterquartz. Right now I can't see myself expanding into the more mainstream pieces, as beautiful as they are, by the fact that every Tom, Dick and Harry is wearing...
That looks like the right one, although I've never seen it called tan before. I think that's a mistake, because tan usually refers to a much lighter colour. Usually it's called tobacco brown or havana brown.
I don't have the other colours, but I found Saphir's tobacco brown to be the best match for vintage oak.
My favourite last belongs to a reject bespoke I picked up last year. The pronounced angulation and gentle chisel are very pleasing, and they fit almost perfectly. The trees are stamped with the bespeaker's name, which I won't divulge online. I've never had the chance to compliment him on the shape of his feet!
I popped into the Savile Row shop for a repair last work and I saw a range of loafers in this grain suede. Unfortunately I think "grain suede" is the best description I can give of it: think of grain calf and then make it suede. I was impressed with the material (especially in green) and, as usual, the workmanship in the shoes. My only reservation was around the undressed sole edges, which made me think of "fashion forward" offerings from the likes of Grenson.
Sure, it went for GBP 5k and I would have had to pay 20% sales tax to get it into the UK. Not crazy, but I hadn't inspected the piece physically so I wanted a little more headroom on the deal. Regret it a little now, but I got a lovely Shadow GT for half the money instead.
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