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Just wanted to say what an unexpected privilege it was to be shown around the shop by Frank when I popped in for some shoe bags this afternoon. Seeing and handling the vintage bespoke shoes that have been posted in this thread was an experience I would recommend to anyone on the forum, likewise the lasts and leather collection backstairs. Has to be the most interesting shop on Jermyn Street.   Many thanks also to George for the bags and for helping me try on a few of the...
The antidote to discovering that the streets are not, in fact, paved with gold?
High praise indeed, as he only posted two shoes!
If you like it and it fits, how can it not be worth $6?!   But I will say this: Vienna isn't in Hungary, so Herr Teller didn't make it himself.
Wot no 12s?
The Loake shop in Princes Arcade (between Jermyn Street and Piccadilly) currently has the 1880 collection Cavendish reduced to £129. All sizes available in black and brown. Reason given was that they are changing to a wider last: it's currently on the Duke last in E width. A very handsome split-toe derby for the money.  
Can anyone identify these Lobb shit-kickers on the commando sole? No joy in the Lobb thread...  
Blazer Menswear Linen Suit Cream 44L / 38L   Final call: 21 hours left, still at £0.99.  
Blazer Menswear Linen Suit Cream 44L / 38L   3 days left, still at £0.99. Have added international shipping.  
Can anyone identify these Lobb boots? They look like something one might wear into battle, I can't find another example anywhere.  
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