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Just got this silliness in my inbox: http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/?u=4bfa777e29326076dadba1f9b&id=51aefbf94a&e=c31ef815ea Fashion forward rubbish, e.g. ugly £400 trainers and polka dot monks for the girls. Please C&J stick to what you do best: the classics. We don't need another Grenson.
There are quite a few brown derbies in the Pediwear sale: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/sale/ The two Alfred Sargent apron shoes look nice, as does the Barker MTO boot (although you're probably looking for a shoe). Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Pediwear apart from having once bought a tin of polish from them.
I saw these in your shop a week or two ago - they look great. I like that you have eschewed the cap and used a naked medallion. It's feels like a minor act of defiance but, in fact, is quite logical: it allows you to have the detail at the back (buttons, patterned tweed, and plunging side line) without making the boot look overly busy.
^ Very nice. It seems the two-tone-two-leather make-up has become the received wisdom, for good reason. There is a subtlety and class about the whole boot being in one colour, but with variegation in shade and texture.   Must admit I would prefer my Somervilles to have speed/ski hooks instead of eyelets all the way up. The more traditional look is inadequate recompense for their being a complete bitch to get on and off.
Moar Crockett:
My "beater" watch:
FWIW I think the design is interesting. It reminds me of very old styles I've seen in shoe museums. There's something quite fancy about it, and you'll never see anyone wearing something similar.
^ Weird and wonderful.
Do you like their design?
Then perhaps you have more room for manoeuvre, because there is greater uncertainty as to its fair value...
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