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I imagine RTW comfort is governed by the compatibility of last with foot. For me, my EG Malverns on the 88 (for Foster & Son) have always felt like walking on air. No breaking in required.
Yes, there is no clear brand identity at present. The Bowen shop in Piccadilly Arcade is worth visiting. I popped in a few months ago and it had the Armfields on sale, which were spectacular. Sadly the last (99, I think) did not work for me. Bowen is a French company - maybe the name has more recognition there.
Almost all makers produce "re-badged" shoes, often to a different standard from their main lines. Even Edward Green used to this, e.g. for Foster and New & Lingwood. However, except among the cognoscenti here, their reputations will be based on their own lines. Sargent are clearly capable of producing high quality shoes, I would say on a par with C&J's top offerings. The question is can they market them successfully themselves, or will they rely on resellers?
The Opus V is like a relic from Atlantis. It wouldn't surprise me if it has one of these driving it:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_mechanismA fascinating watch. Great pottery too.
Yes, the variation in colour and/or material makes dress boots much more interesting. I like that they appear as sober oxfords when standing, but that one's personality is introduced to proceedings by the mere act of sitting.
Try both and go with whatever sits best on your wrist and/or gives you the best viewing angle when you tell the time.
Cool, crystalline, classy. Perfect size on the wrist - simultaneously elegant and modern.What a shame, after building such suspense, to botch the entry with an awful out-of-focus shot. This one is much better.
Are there such things?
Unless they're lasted, there is no value in buying expensive branded trees. All spring-loaded trees are much of a muchness. Jones the Bookmaker often has them on sale, if you live near a store, otherwise I've had good deals from Cathcart Elliott online. £15-20 is a sensible price.
Wrong link? Those aren't watch bracelets.
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