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The perfect answer to all that "Daytona" chatter.
I don't think so. The same amount of work is being done to rotate the hand, just divided into smaller steps. There might be some additional static friction and mechanical wear.Some quartz watches with a smooth second hand (e.g. Bulova Precisionist) have a high battery drain, but this is due to the higher frequency quartz oscillator used to improve accuracy. Driving vibrations of a crystal lettuce at a higher frequency will definitely consume more power.
Really they are. Both drive a mechanical harmonic oscillator at a resonant frequency. A balance wheel (which is basically a pendulum) is a harmonic oscillator with one degree of freedom and, therefore, one resonant frequency. A crystal lattice has inordinately more vibrational modes, but one of them has a much greater amplitude than the others. Nevertheless, they are both objects that vibrate mechanically at a particular frequency, which physics-trick we exploit for...
I've never heard of replacing only the toplift. The standard options at every cobbler I've used are heel, half resole with or without heel, and full resole with heel. If replacing the toplift, how are the nails removed without interfering the stacked part of the heel? And why do you want to protect the stacked part? What is wrong with wearing it down and having the entire heel unit replaced when it's no longer viable? Sorry if I'm answering your question with more...
Indeed. Here are some proper loafers from the old Masterpiece range, made in Freudenberg calf.Incidentally, the factory will still refurbish these old shoes, so the expertise is still there.
There's something about that Vacheron that makes it stands out, even in such august company. Perhaps it's the lugs, or perhaps it's the understatedness of the chronograph (two dials and elegant button size, c.f. the Patek).A horde of horologie.
I have always found the shops in Burlington Arcade to be expensive - used pieces for close to new money - but I didn't know they had this reputation!
These two are truly stunning. The kudu apron is the most mesmerising shoe I've ever seen posted here.
I'm not aware of this story, but I think it would be a disaster for the company. Every time I take the London Underground, which is most days, I see half a dozen Rolex watches. They have become so ubiquitous that they have started to lose their cachet. I have only one Rolex in my collection, a blessedly rare Oysterquartz. Right now I can't see myself expanding into the more mainstream pieces, as beautiful as they are, by the fact that every Tom, Dick and Harry is wearing...
That looks like the right one, although I've never seen it called tan before. I think that's a mistake, because tan usually refers to a much lighter colour. Usually it's called tobacco brown or havana brown.
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