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 Probably one for the shoe care thread, but I know from experience that the stains from oils and fats are extremely difficult to eradicate. My father spilled hot turkey fat on some brand new New & Lingwoood brogues and the damage is still visible two years later. Although it does give the shoe a certain... character. You could try stripping the whole upper with Renomat and re-polishing to get an even finish. If that doesn't work, I suggest dipping the entire shoe in olive...
I'm still getting the domain-for-sale page. Almost tempted to make an offer! Someone should really tell them. I'd pop in, but I have an early train to Paris. Anyone in London?
The shoes are 202 D. The trees have no last markings. The only mark is a handwritten "11E" on the bottom of the left tree.I asked the gentleman who sold them to me if the trees were "lasted", which in retrospect was not a particularly intelligent question given that they *must* be based on a last. Whether it's the same last as that on which the shoe was made is a different, and more pertinent, matter! Nevertheless, he said they were and that there were not many left. He...
Quick pic of these, with their lasted trees:
Ah, now this may explain why they were offering the lasted trees for £25 in the sale when I visited yesterday. Made the acquisition of my first EGs (Ullswater, Navy CC, 202) all the more pleasant.Incidentally, for any other size 12s out there, there were three pairs of black full and half brogues on sale, priced at £432. The full brogue looked like a Malvern on the 888. Didn't catch the model names of the other two. That was all I could see in 12.
Just wanted to say what an unexpected privilege it was to be shown around the shop by Frank when I popped in for some shoe bags this afternoon. Seeing and handling the vintage bespoke shoes that have been posted in this thread was an experience I would recommend to anyone on the forum, likewise the lasts and leather collection backstairs. Has to be the most interesting shop on Jermyn Street.   Many thanks also to George for the bags and for helping me try on a few of the...
The antidote to discovering that the streets are not, in fact, paved with gold?
High praise indeed, as he only posted two shoes!
If you like it and it fits, how can it not be worth $6?!   But I will say this: Vienna isn't in Hungary, so Herr Teller didn't make it himself.
Wot no 12s?
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