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Excellent, thanks for the explanation. Any other recommendations out there. I really like the fit of the ludlow club blazer, just wonder if it's a reasonable blazer to add given the patch pockets. I know this has been asked many times, just looking for a recent update given this is an older thread.
Like the Jcrew but what's the consensus on the lack of flaps on the the front pockets? Never seen that before, though I admit I don't know much.
Good question, interested in the same
I applied a coat of oil and waited a few days and was about to apply LP when I noticed this. After the first treatment of oil I did notice a couple spots; nothing that would bother me, but wondering if I should apply another round of oil first or move onto the LP. Moving forward, what is the protocal of using oil vs LP?
I'm normally an 11.5 (sometimes an 11E), 12 in athletic shoes, but went with a 10.5. Hoping the heel stretches a tad, but like you I thought I was slipping in the 11.
Apologies for my continuing to ask about the Obenauf's products, but can anyone estimate how much of each one uses when conditioning a new pair of boots? I see that the oil comes in an 8oz size or 16oz, and the LP comes in either 4oz or 8oz. I would assume I order the larger sizes to have, but want to check to see if perhaps the smaller size will suffice. 
Brown...I'm guessing you ask because if they were black it wouldn't matter how the treatment darkens the leather?
So before I first wear them, what is the recommended course of action...1 oils, let dry, 1 LP? Thank you.
 Just got a pair of the boots and appreciate your taking the time to compile this list. I live in Boston and though I won't wear them in snow or when its raining, having wet weather and salts on the roads is par for the course in winter. I'm planning to go with Obenauf's Boot Oil and then Obenauf's LP. Does that seem to be the correct choice for my conditions? Crane's- any thoughts? Thanks!
Thanks Cold Iron for the response earlier. Does anyone have any experience with the Verona sizing?
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