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Is it just my imagination or did/does Jamieson have a store in NYC?  I'm over there on business in a couple of weeks and wanted to pick up a few items.
  Steve, those are the Nailhead.  I recall the original post where someone thought they were the Pick and Pick and Jamison made the correction.   These are the exact same trousers that are still on the site (albeit only one size left).
I'm post testing since I posted twice in the HY Affiliate thread and nothing happened.
  Good to hear.   Does this mean the blue Nailhead will be back in, in 38US?   https://howardyount.myshopify.com/collections/wool-pants/products/nailhead-wool-pants-blue   Or perhaps a Tropical in bright blue a la the Winter Flannels?
New Posts  All Forums: