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long time, chaps need a bit of help. in search for any carpes to fit 37-37,5 high instep gal's feet.  21m in watersnake, 61 and 52 in horse. avantindietro spirals and any backlaces are preferable, but my lady and me will consider any other offers.  
they are very dark brown, cherry hints. This foto are from original yahoo page and doesn't show the true color honestly. So they really will go with full black outfit well.
you should offer 600, he should consider it.. he kopped em from y!jp for 450 as I remember
have some experience with em. run tts or +0,5 sizeso you definitely need 44 oh damn Eck, I heard that there was old iteration of s61m in dipped finish too. beautiful things. and as I know that rubber holds on much better than ccp's soft semi-latex.
oh yes yes yes 45m!! plus Simone's treatments and stacked heels. best iteration / influence / rip-off, imo
in your new Devoa? 
damn. stupid.
@eton97, for how long they are missed? Shit sometimes popping up from usps depths after a months. But yes, they was beautiful. Guys. Just a thought. If someone wants my red augustas, I could consider some CCP trade in size 7)). finally starting to dig Poell's universe too.
no no, as I know, nicelynice is true 42 (right, mate?) so they will be too small for him. they are really would be best for 41-41,5 or narrow 42.
same one in 8(42) [[SPOILER]]
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