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hehehe funny but that's my only pair of augusta these days) four years and they still are top notch
@twdawson and wise.  btw could accept trade on any pair from my current sale list. It's strange but I want some non-carpe drop to my sea of diems  guidi backzips / frontzips, carol's derbz or tornadoes..  
my selling ambitions doesn't match T's buyers skills. )))
 Dios mio! Que vago dejo zapatilla aqui! Desinfectado! Desinfectado!own suit. definitely. though I'd go for my cdg anacondas. Doesn't know about any signs on new shoes. 
@twdawson shit man it's horrible. you must return to that hotel and rip out their hearts and break every finger of the bastards who lay the hands on your clogs.  Nama/Kāru oldworld summer pants fit   available for order only in heavy fabrics from this moment. will be produced in August-September. need to prepare for wedding.
@twdawson that's your pair btw
well I'm not Alessio. fact.
definetely yes. thats why Julius still producing pants with ultralong (120-130cm) inseam
 I'm 44/46 177cm, so pants with 100cm inseam always create perfect stacks. 
so positive  [[SPOILER]]
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