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I'm not Poell. that's his domain.@nahneun as I said, we will sort it's out. I suppose it would be easier to provide you full refund plus extra for two shippings. @AlexanderTG at least good to know that you're quite satisfied with second pair. I believe we will sort things out with lightweights too. as you've sent em to me by untrackable shipping, it was easier for me to pretend that I never received them, no? If I'm such a blatant bastard? other than telling you that I've...
I'd gladly discuss these points with you off the forum. You will receive new pair and will judge it as you want. I never told anyone that I could recreate Altieri's level. It's a pretty strange as I always told that I'm doing things with my two hands.
well thank you all. I'd like to hear positive comments too, but it's not really necessary.  as I keep saying - I'm totally admit the problem with a fly. it will be maintained extremely easy in your case, Rob. also, you will receive your new pair and you'll love it, just sure. what for you, Dave, you will receive two pairs. one lined and one unlined to replace the current, too low-boxed for you. and you will love both of them too.    @antti   apologies for summoning you...
hard question @nahneun punching the coffee cup by the face sitting on the cold stone kitchen shivering because of bloody ocean wind
and even more, though the guy who got my old pair now is somewhere between us too.  and yes. shape was quite unusual for 788z. 
well, A roll aw15/16 scarred cordovan ss12 destroyed oiled culatta aw14/15 hot red cordovan
On the roll ss12 destroyed culatta tankers
@sinnedk D, i'd suggest you to go for a1923 derbies as well. Differences in shape and angles are minimal compared to CCP, but they are really better balanced and have better proportions. Plus, hell, noone could beat Simone in these subtle tonal varieties and undershades.  
Alex, thank you for extremely kind words. Glad that you like em, hope to see em on stage as well . Need to say, that the color on that pair is quite unique. Hope you'd see that effect in different light and temperature conditions.
sometimes they just begging to be shared
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