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usual source, as I said before. You know. Y.As all 52/61/63 they got some volume in front, so could run large, but only if you got skinny feet and proper instep.These boots are mercilessness.
so they are here. cdiem s52m horse cdiem x cdg s27m (?) laminated anaconda Guys. If anybody got some info on this cdiem x cdg collab, please, shed some light on.
 so Simone really put em in production again? I'm still try to find white one from aw09, oh, that shape. 
surly not. shot is two month old. who am I in your eyes? 
yes, they are beautiful. I've realize that hunting grails for me is more about hunting. and grails.. well its only a boots. 
aww shit iphone speed post. not brand new maybe. Have a doubts about condition but anyway, "new" in terms that I've own em in bv01 and sold few months ago, and now it will be horse.(And you know where better than anyone. Usual sources)see em only once in size 40. gone to a proper home.But will keep an eye.
Overall shape is great. Maybe best in terms of "shape" (not overall - old hot red cordovan are at the top of Simone's pieces)but the heel.. Well it's a bit, maybe 2-4mm longer now, right?awaiting for new 52m and that old cdiem x cdg latex over anaconda ankle boots.. Will update in a few days.
but if they fit they FIT.Only me think that new augusta heels are bit too massive?Btw. Comparison between s63m and "that old shit without article"
Well. It's all very personal. Someone troubled to just insert a foot into it (or especially s63m). Their cut is a bit funny for people with wide foot/instep.As I remember, Eck has s61m's some time ago, so he knows how stiff and narrow they are in the upper area. What for lacing: yes, it's a bit tricky first few times, then you learn to do it quite fast. Best thing is that backlacing works like a ugh well elastic inset, that holds your ankle and support your walking by...
New Posts  All Forums: