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naah! I'll try to find the one in my closet - aw06 as i remember - giant grilled wool thingand what about some shit on sz - to fuck with it - everyone could judge about my honor and reputation on their own experience. I'd look stupid if I'd run into public discussions of that sorts. And hell, don't force me to create  SZ account once again - if I'd do that, we all know how it would end - with Faust photoshopped shit and gifs and etc. 
faliero is truly ok, but nothing would beat LUC stoles... and honeslty old Julius heavy stoles too
I'm quite surprised that no one walked em outdoors in these 6 years))
Styleforum. Connecting people. who needs coffee when at least few bottles of ginja are around? 
Oh look at that poor guy. He can't afford the tenth pair of mmoria or even gator-leather geobaskets. wooooooooooo
Lisbon. at least for a few months. We'll see where we'd settle down finally. 
In bloody Russia currently. and yes. by myself and only by myself. what for pockets, could be hemmed or not. honestly, even on unstable linen/ramie they're pretty durable I'd update fabric options pic soon. for a while you could check the rest here 
well, I'm always open to negotiations on all sale items, and what for pants - that's why it takes so much time. new pattern for each pair, etc etc
well guys, @JFetter @Lohikaarme I'm running small thriftstore as well and got kind of info page there - here we goI have few pairs in a row, but always glad to take new orders. Sorry for everyone for some delays, but I'm mere beginner and try do my best. I'm finally moving to the far south-west of EU in a two weeks, so I'd expect new fabrics and new machinery involved. just to throw some hooks: chainseam, rouge overlock, semimanual scarstitchhere's the last order -...
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