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^ oh my facepalm guys. looking for a few pairs of something good old and more actual in this cobblestoned town. 1) red or white guidi 788z/789z/988z/989z in size 43.  2) red or white guidi PL2/PL2. 3) old a1923 rusted wide grey laces. extremely need few of them
awaiting they here in PT. should be within a week. and yes, damn, that was hard) damn you and everyone who tried to outbid me)
@fistinyoface because it's the rule of life? seriously, they oftenly goes underpriced. Especially wool and cashmere ones. layers retail pricing was quite objective. speaking of... Let's take a closer look at these two naughty bastards!
And the first one was wool/cashmere one with exposed ramie insulation and short herringbone lining...
oddly enough that second one is a way more interesting, as its really that one from w05 - two cashmere layers etc etc.
Really curious to take a look at that one. Never seen wool version with cropped lining.Are you aware that grey sandwich cashmere one is gone too?
Totally agreed.
Julius 2005 linen hat Julius 2005 jacquard long jacket CCP 1998 waxed tee Nama 2015 oldworld pants Cdiem x CDG 2004 workboots
too much gin floating around. and all those tonic + port wine in the early morning...
shitfaced me: Indisents/LM/Linea/Julius/CCP wife: Indisents/LM/Nama/CDG/Date/Julius
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