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Nama aw2015/2016 preorderok, guys. quick note about what's going on. I'm close to my wedding day and, finally, moving to Europe.So I'd really prefer to take as much orders as it would be possible before 12-14th of August to organize my working schedule for the September. I really hope that I'd possible to ship everything ordered close to the early October and then there would be a few weeks gap in production until I'd organize everything at the new place. I'd be able to...
provide some pics, R!and you too, @twdawson I take preorders for doublelayered winter weight pants (linen/hemp + poplin or vintage sailing canvas + poplin) up to 12th of August. Pants will be ready before the end of September. 
hahaha literally the same combination that I had wear today))also, last chance to order lightweight version, lads [[SPOILER]]
yep, Eck already provided a link. unfortunately, they are 43.
and I'd break the silence again with a bit of sale stuff))    
you need to finally receive the pants. damned russianpost and usps.btw guys, anybody need this amazing KKA coat, hm hm hm?  
fuuuuuuck where damn you had find the red 52?????!!!!! 
hehehe funny but that's my only pair of augusta these days) four years and they still are top notch
@twdawson and wise.  btw could accept trade on any pair from my current sale list. It's strange but I want some non-carpe drop to my sea of diems  guidi backzips / frontzips, carol's derbz or tornadoes..  
my selling ambitions doesn't match T's buyers skills. )))
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