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you always welcome. and I'll be second for sweet white boots at 700 level. especially old augusta lace ups. 
aw08, thick horse. have posted the similar pair few pages ago in different color. 
old shit again. what else you could expect from me   augusta aw08 (?) mold green horse sidezips  
exactly. niche market is still the market and it will feed the masses with lore and legends as long as the masses will be interested in.  want to double your pricing? add some story. 
oh this discussion again.. as far as I know, Simone really was in charge for some of cd footwear and Maurizio has put his famous "Who? Simone? never worked with that guy" for his very personal reasons back in 2008. 
Ugh. Nice.
 decide to make seasonal collection family portrait and now doesn't sure if it right to part with most of it. damn. stupid life. boots are better than people.   [[SPOILER]]  and some carpes  [[SPOILER]]     
Hi everyone.have a real weird personal/family circumstances right now, so need to part with a bit from my collection.Avantindietro_field w3 size 42cdiem s63m in black cordovan size 42Even red augusta laceups in 42.and literally everything apart of two-three pairs. [[SPOILER]] Guys if anyone up for something - shoot me PMs
I'll spam you with my new central-seamed ugly bastards once again  [[SPOILER]]
they are mine. Got little misunderstanding with previous owner and he relisted them again today but as fact I got em at my cobbler's place now.)) so sorry anyone who gone up for this listing, you know, they are ugly, central seam kills it all.
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