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didn't no. Damn if you're after some derbies. Try t find that cdg doublelayered collab
as I remember, 25 got double sole, lifted toe and quite angular heel, 45 is a plain one. I know that there is a pair or few of derbies looked like 45 but tagged as 25 so I can't be sure.All you need to know is the number 55. You need em. S55m
 thoughts?well I can speak only for the pair I've owned and two more that I handle. Leather is great. Construction is weak. Toebox... You know everything about that toebox already. 
@AlexanderTG @nahneun @spacepope @twdawson will send your stuff at 1st of June hopefully. And I'm ready to take new orders.back to the boots - isn't they beautiful?   [[SPOILER]]
I'm preparing someth better for you, chaps. Someth short and bulletproof, someth elongated and elegant (and still bulletproof) and someth to cover all of your rugs and bones from the elements.Will recieve some amount of really vintage marine canvas from Island within a month and will dig up military stocks in Cyprus very soon.
I was on Simone's side before.  [[SPOILER]]
fuck okay let's face it. I want few a1923 pairs from last seasons. 
aha. call it Soviet Union.
What a social useful prick I am damn it) merry folks used to throw a pennies to my ragged feet in a burst of high gratitude
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