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thanks, brohem! could make rip-cut pockets or in-seam ones, belt loops etc. they are straight, but could make em any length your need. Also, preparing two curved patterns, will present em within a month, there will be J cuts and Z cuts.
fuck, Eton, find em and stomp em to deathNama pants and masonic skirt update:pants in 44, linen/hemp, 110cm inseam, oak bark black natural dying [[SPOILER]] skirt in free size, cotton/milk protein upper layer, ramie lower layer. [[SPOILER]]
  cdiem s01 sandwich lab lm shortsleeve nama masonic skirt cdiem python clogs
so it's one of a chances of your life)) it's a first time I handle such a size. 
also guys. someone in 39-40 here? cdiem s63m in reversed cordovan, pitch black, no flaws, goes with box and everything. outsole is 28,5cm Just look at this inner layer color
and see how often I drunk on the chair of old Hem.
you all will wear the brand of mine
blurry elevator fit me: faliero sarti jacket / julius destroyed tank / evoluzione pants / cdiem x cdg anaconda workboots fiancé: kāru top / cdg shorts / marsell boots
and more than that. I already made two skirt designs for Nama ))
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