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finally. fly safe to daddy, wee black lads. s61m
fuck if i know. as far as i recall some old discussion with Rider on SZ - it's a gum plus some natural hot glue.
as far as i know - no, honey brown is a only option for this treatment. never handle em in person before so really curious how they feels. they are tagged as 40 but outsole is 30cm so i really hope for the best.
I simply mustthey are one of my grails
naah, Tsome bastard was ahead of me just for half an hour. I've found him via IG, but he hasn't yet decided to sell them... little rat. but I've grab someth sticky and gluey yesterday)  really hope that they will fit me
Rick Owens aw12 pony hair geobaskets size 41 fits 41.5-42 classic black/white high tongue perfect condition  
I've had six of em in different iterations in last two years, three pairs are still (and will be) with me
cdiem only circle. gf's canvas over leather bulbtoed microlaces s63m cordovan s63m desrtoyed horse backlaces first iteration canvas over leather flattoed microlaces s52m horse cd x cdg laminated anaconda
when couple is more than just couple      
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