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it's the days of despair and cold winds...  
and Jan-Jan van Essche as well
 Rumors about Daisuke involved in Fatto are quite obscured - heard this only from some guys from current Altieri's team.What about Simone - though we all know about some problems and addictions of Altieri's past, maybe he just doesn't remember quite correctly what happened ten years ago. 
though it would be correct: Maurizio Amadei (Ma+) Luca Laurini (LUC) Fabio Quaranta Sarah Lanzi (minimum involved in pattern mill of 2003) Monica Sarti (pattern mill of 2003) Mariavittoria Sargentini (Marvilab) Yoko Ito (IndiSents) - Evoluzione, Intervallo projects Daisuke Nishiida (Devoa)  - Fattoamano project Simone Cecchetto  (A1923) - he was in charge for footwear line in 2004-2005 (really) Issey Fujita (Lumen et Umbra) Jun Hashimoto (wjk) Ziggy Chen  - Altieri works...
  some shitty mirror fits though. need to grab wife with her zeiss 35/1.4 to provide someth proper crap office warm light makes the skin dead piggish pink damn it   [[SPOILER]]
döder made me do it
well, finally receive my birthday gift from my wife) and damn, it's fucking amazing.   [[SPOILER]]
yes. from Halo's capsule for Isetan.  Eager to handle and try it, hopefully it wouldn't be too bright n flashy. definitely it would look at least just good with usual whole black but I somehow though about matching footwear.Was there any platinum/champagne colored stuff from any of the brands? I remember guidi's golden wedges, but doubt that they did something for men in that color
@Synthese thanks! )
ahhhaha yes, damn. was looking for it for a few years and finally found the one, though one of the best fitted Horikawa's pieces.btw just grabbed the gold one from Isetan collab. could you shed some light on how it could fade with some aging? 
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