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yeah. And most painful is to get some joyful notes from new owners after few months: how they skating in my microlaces, crosscountrying in augustas etc. ))What for guidis: Yep I still own that 788z that I've hopping in for few years, and even if they're most soft of my boots, their construction allows it pretty good. What I can't say about more structured ccp's or Augustas.
damn they were mine a year ago. Found em on yahoo for some steal price and sold em for one guy from Germany for the same steal minimum in basically current state. Most problem with this pair is that the leather is too soft even for ccp's deer sidezips, and even if i really like their scarring and these messy seams - it's really impossible to wear em with any kind of comfort.
@twdawson Sor for delay, bud. Mine is 26,3 excluding heel, and they are extremely slim in the shaft area, slimmer than ma tall staples to be honest. As I remember, your pair of 63 was around 26-27cm tall w/o heel too?
I know what you're talkin about, nah, as I remember, there were s12m monkey boots and some ankle boots with CH furniture.
Kuboraum A1 mask tortoise/infrared
perfect condition 50cm, 925 silver
BNIB size 19, 925 silver
they were 6-holed workboots, not combats, but anyway
not sothere were originally few pairs of old s61m, circa 2000-2001 with the less bubbled toe, somewhat between actual 49 and 61. 
toe shape / instep height, brohem )
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