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[[SPOILER]] hsssssss
Can't resist to not to post some fits. for sale not for sale
Quick shot for jacket fit reference. l'maltieri / intervallo wool/ramie/cotton l'maltieri cotton linea canvas cdiem s55m clogs
not until they cop these poor boys, E
bloody nice red. well, the thread still needs some carpe swag
Already got some hold requests, so it wouldn't be here for a long time.Better to help me find a proper buyer for these s61m, would appreciate it a lot. Fuckers are so unbelievably cool.
Cours de français badassery, partie 1
my bad. meant that I always been under impression that culatta is middle layer of a hide, with upper - grain - layers off.  just checked it. @psydle is right.
always think that culatta goes only in reversed/unfinished versions. 
it's near EMS office, so #sotrue
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