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Anyone have any opinions on a good quality black jean?? Looks like it is between 3sixteens SL-220x and Samurai's S5000BKB  
Try and find the measurements for the Rogues and compare them to the measurements on BlueOwl. If anything also feel free to contact Jay, his customer service is incredible 
Edit: Here we go    
thats what i noticed. The selvedge on the JPxMomo is red. Im definintely getting the Momo's. At first I was like oh its $95 cheaper! then i looked at the details, and i thought....oh thats why its cheaper haha
Yea I noticed there is a $95 difference, and while I know they're both great quality, I also know that when you're looking at quality theres no $95 "branding fee".  Thanks for you're input, I am planning on getting the Momos
Hey everyone, I was looking at the 400SP and 705SP and i realized that there is a huge difference (besides being a collab). Does anyone who own both a pair of JBxMomo and regular Momo see a difference in the quality?? It seems like the collab doesnt use the Zimbabwe cotton, isnt ocean "one washed", and isnt dyed using natural "deep" dying processes.   If no one has both I would appreciate any option on each separately as they both look like amazing jeans!
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