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Great to know that his stuff, which consistently looks so great, is also wonderful to eat.
looks great, Max. What's the sauce?
great idea for a thread, CrimsonSox - thanks
another "styleforum Classic Menswear has jumped the shark" moment
Is that the Passard Brittany ratatouille? I love that dish.
it's definitely gotten worse since the merger with continental. I've been 1K for the last 5-6 years or so and service is noticeably worse now, almost never get upgraded, they don't care if they run out of your first choice meal, etc., etc. /rant. and what's with the cheeseburgers?? who want's to eat a pink slime burger on a plane?
I finally got around to trying Matt's egg ravioli dish the other day. Was easy to do, came out perfect, and tasted really great. Thanks, Matt.
hey mgm or ehkay - I've wanted to make this too recently but wondering where the recipe is as well. I think I have most of R's books. Is this a published recipe? French is fine.
matt did this dish and posted a picture, looked beautiful, of course. was probably over a year ago though so might be hard to find.
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