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Thanks! Will check it out.
@ehkay - mind sharing what books/who's recipes you're cooking from on these last dishes? it's all looking great.
Great to know that his stuff, which consistently looks so great, is also wonderful to eat.
looks great, Max. What's the sauce?
great idea for a thread, CrimsonSox - thanks
another "styleforum Classic Menswear has jumped the shark" moment
Is that the Passard Brittany ratatouille? I love that dish.
it's definitely gotten worse since the merger with continental. I've been 1K for the last 5-6 years or so and service is noticeably worse now, almost never get upgraded, they don't care if they run out of your first choice meal, etc., etc. /rant. and what's with the cheeseburgers?? who want's to eat a pink slime burger on a plane?
I finally got around to trying Matt's egg ravioli dish the other day. Was easy to do, came out perfect, and tasted really great. Thanks, Matt.
New Posts  All Forums: