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Plain toe boots.  Bad cell phone pics.    
What lightweight jackets are people looking at this season, and are any of them under $200?
  It all depends whether your feet are moving towards the toe while your walking.  If they stay snug by your heel without any slippage, you'll be fine, you'll just have a lot of toe room, more than you're used to.  That's how mine are.  I have more toe room in my IR's than I've ever had in any other boot, but by heel doesn't slip, and the wide part of my foot fits perfect. 
  Hemming shortens the length of your jeans to the exact length you want.  That's the definition of hemming and is the answer to your problems.  It's pretty much a must these days with most raw jeans insisting on having like a 38 inseam that most people can't wear.
Scotch & Soda jeans seem to have a lower crotch.
This won't be popular here, but I hate cuffed denim.  Can't explain why, but it annoys me.  Maybe Urkel ruined it for me years ago.
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