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I agree with kenjiken. lol I own the exact same wallet except in blue. http://theleathershop.com/wallet/wallet-rivet-blue.html/ Bet ya never seen that before
Bump. Got a Hawking Mcgill chino. Weird brand but amazing fit.  50 at Urban outfitters. 
I've heard around that you should get the clarks in about a half size smaller because they stretch. Is this true? Also does anyone know hawkins mcgill? Saw em at Urban outfitters- lot cheaper than clarks. 
Christ, I often ship stuff to my brother in france and it can be a huge pain. 65 for freight and you can't even track it? Not to mention- customs can be a b*tch
Copped the DMV KD5's last month. review up. thoughts?
First Impressions: I got the DMV colorways so the orangish scarlet was quite exciting. It fit quite comfortably- sort of like a low top (although it is a high top). The storytelling traction on the bottom of the shoe was quite visually appealing and KD's signature near the top of the shoe was a nice touch.   Use: Breaks in slowly in basketball, real flashy shoe. However, if not in basketball- the shoes are a bit lacking. You can wear them with denim- but...
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