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Yup will do. I am new to suits everyday and only have a few. Will be incorporating more and expanding my wardrobe.   Right now I have two suits ><   Medium Charcoal Pinstripe Navy Pinstripe   I just don't know what to get next. I need to get solids I know but don't know where to go for color. Maybe brown, another charcoal but solid, sharkskin, etc...   Edited to add: I only wear suits 4 days a week, Fridays are dress slacks and dress shirt no tie but coat is prefered. I...
Ok Great. Thanks for your help.
I hang them upside down with the clips on the inside of the bottom of the pants. I use the wide shoulder hangers for my jackets. Shirts aren't to worry about.   Am I going over board and treating my suits like I treated my Marine Corps uniforms?
I am wondering what hangup bags, pant hangers if any are you using to hang up your suit when changing at the Gym. I have recently took up Muay Thai and No-Gi Jiu Jitsu a couple of days a week.   I have looked into getting a garmet bag but don't want to start having creases in my pants due to them being folded in a bag for a couple of hours until I get home.
I know I don't dress as nicely as I need to now, what kind of jeans would you suggest?. $60~$80 would be an ideal price range to start.
Ah ok great. There is a BB near my work. I am sure there has to be something around here because its called the Triad Cities. Three decent sized cities withing 15 mins of each other. I will be looking around and also asking some guys from work. Thanks for the info and a possible starting point.
When you say checks, you mean a checkard pattern? Like this?  
  I haven't been around too many suits until this job. I am so OCD about my apperance though since all my uniforms in the Marine Corps always had to be 100% perfect everytime.    I didn't know if it was that confort thing, or a statement as to why some men had their jackets unbuttoned.   Thanks
Hi Guys/Gals,   I have looked through several guides and 101 post that have all stated unless your sitting down, your top button on your jacket to be buttoned. Well I have seen it both ways at my employeer.   I am on my 4th week on the job and to be on the safe side, I am keeping buttoned up. I don't know if anyone else has seen it or is it just preference thing?   ~jkbucksot
No there are others who wear purple, pink etc. I do have some of these shirts but not a lot. 4 days out of the week its suits, Friday is "casual" suit pants no tie and jacket. Blazers and sport coats for Fridays are good.
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