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Thanks guys, maybe i should just go and take a look
Thanks, does anyone have any experiences with them or comments on their house style?
Hi All,   Does anyone have any experience with A W Bauer in Stockholm? Can't seem to find much and since i'm in Stockholm for a bit was wondering if it's worth thinking about getting something made. Would be great to hear any views on quality, construction, etc. and if they compare to the top English and Italian tailors or more second/third tier?   Thanks!
Would be great to hear your thoughts if you do try AC
What is your opinion of the shirts made by ww chan?
Thanks, they've definitely tried to rectify any issues which for the pricing would be something expected. Guess it seems like the consensus feels they're still the best in hk
Thanks! While cost is definitely a consideration, I'm looking for quality. Guess the point here is to try and determine if the cost-performance ratio for ascot Chang justifiable and it sounds like they're probably right up there?
Any thoughts/opinions on the subject matter? I've also heard of Loa Hai Shing being mentioned but haven't seen much on them Thanks!
Hi All, I am trying to get views on the various well-known Hong Kong shirt makers to see if it's worth me making a change. I have been using Ascot Chang for almost all my shirts with the exception of a few from David's shirts. Overall Ascot Chang has been pretty good for the most part but I think consistency in the workmanship has been slightly lacking for the premium that they charge. David's shirts didn't turn out as well as I was hoping, the quality and attention to...
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