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Would be great to hear your thoughts if you do try AC
What is your opinion of the shirts made by ww chan?
Thanks, they've definitely tried to rectify any issues which for the pricing would be something expected. Guess it seems like the consensus feels they're still the best in hk
Thanks! While cost is definitely a consideration, I'm looking for quality. Guess the point here is to try and determine if the cost-performance ratio for ascot Chang justifiable and it sounds like they're probably right up there?
Any thoughts/opinions on the subject matter? I've also heard of Loa Hai Shing being mentioned but haven't seen much on them Thanks!
Hi All, I am trying to get views on the various well-known Hong Kong shirt makers to see if it's worth me making a change. I have been using Ascot Chang for almost all my shirts with the exception of a few from David's shirts. Overall Ascot Chang has been pretty good for the most part but I think consistency in the workmanship has been slightly lacking for the premium that they charge. David's shirts didn't turn out as well as I was hoping, the quality and attention to...
Thanks All! going to check them out
Hi All,   apologies if this has been covered, tried searching but somehow didn't seem to come up with anything. What are the good vendors to buy shirting fabrics from? Thomas Mason, D&J Anderson, etc. i'm based in Hong Kong but if there're vendors that ship internationally, would be very interested as well   Thanks!
Hi All,   Apologies if this has been covered in some threads (have tried a search) but i'm looking to get a work suit made soon and was hoping to get some recommendations/suggestions on fabrics that are suitable for the Asia climate (humid and warm most of the year) as well as are durable and can withstand quite a heavy travel schedule (due to the job).   I've heard that the Harrison's Frontier fabric could work? Pardon my ignorance   Thanks all!
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