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Hi All,   Apologies if this has been covered in some threads (have tried a search) but i'm looking to get a work suit made soon and was hoping to get some recommendations/suggestions on fabrics that are suitable for the Asia climate (humid and warm most of the year) as well as are durable and can withstand quite a heavy travel schedule (due to the job).   I've heard that the Harrison's Frontier fabric could work? Pardon my ignorance   Thanks all!
Thanks guys, points taken. sounds like more downside trying to make something work
Yea, I haven't seen it done before either, usually in a business casual type of ensemble   Not really, just wanted to see if there's a way to incorporate leather with a business suit
Hi Guys,   Quick question, is there any acceptable way to wear a leather jacket/coat over a suit? If yes, which style of leather jacket/coat?   Thanks!
Thanks! Sounds like you're pleased with your purchases. Good to hear, hope you'll be able to fulfill that wish list of yours very soon!
Guess not many experiences yet
Stumbled on these guys, http://www.troubadourgoods.com/, does anyone have any info on them? Appears to be using high quality materials and made in Italy.
Sorry I'm not a very sharp individual, are they able to help?
Aside from Ortus (through Armoury), living in Japan or having someone in Japan kind enough to help out, is there any possibility of someone outside of the country to get something commissioned from any one of these magicians?!
Wow, thanks for all info! Amazing!
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