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I'm selling 5 NWOT (new without tags) spring shirts by Hugh & Crye, in their "Tall/Athletic" size (XL, 16.5-17.5). People here probably already know, but H&C is a small but really cool shop in DC that makes great shirts in fabrics and styles that you don't see in any other store or online MTM. All shirts are made in India, in sustainable factories and not sweatshops.    I bought these all last spring but I'm actually different size, so I re-bought the ones I really liked...
  Sorry, the shirt length is perfect: 32.5, so the tails never come out. The problem is that when the chest rises, it doesn't fall, because it's too tight. 
{first post}   So I've got the blues - and I'm not referring to the colour of my new shirt (though it is blue).  I have 17.5 neck and 25-26 arms, but my chest is closer to 42-43 chest than the 45-47 that manufacturers typically chose this size.   Basically, I want a "slim-to-regular" kind of fit, which means I have been mostly buying OTR shirts (Banana Republic, Gap, CK) and getting them tailored, to varying degrees of success. (I thought of getting a Ledbury...
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