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looking to trade my size 43 sand common project chelseas for a size 42. 
haha its a size small. 6 ft 1, 148 lbs haha 
heres another fit on the shawl coat, I think it looks pretty good 
went true to size on the coat. Is this the right fit, or should i have sized down? 
same, it just says label has been created, yet some people in NY have gotten their package already. 
hmm do you normally wear M in uniqlo?
if anyone copped the wool cashmere coat, could you post pics? 
can i ask about your height and weight, and what size you got in the coat? 
hmm what size do you normally wear at uniqlo? also what sizes do you wear at stores such as zara, h&m etcc
hmm but the small's measurements are huge. Eh long i can deal with im 6 ft1 haha do you have any pics? 
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