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Who made the handsewn beefroll loafers (made in maine, natty CXL). Highland or Quoddy? Searching the web, kyle rancourt himself said they never made shoes for epaulet. 
Pics:   In great condition, minor sole wear, standard wear on the upper. Calf is excellent quality. Feel free to ask any questions. $350 shipped CONUS.   Open to trades in my size. 
I typically just use Venetian Cream on my boots. A good brushing and some Venetian cream goes a long way in keeping the boots clean and conditioned. 
Do you have measurements for those lees? I have a lot of trouble finding raws with 13" thighs at a 33" waist. I squeeze into some N&F elephant 2's currently, but when 22oz jeans are tight, you just loose all range of motion.
I just got my corter leather belt a week or so ago, and I couldnt be happier. I also have a tanner belt, a filson belt, and a handmade belt from a local leather worker for casual wear. The corter belt is so thick you could rest a cup on it, and is currently breaking in very nicely. The hollows belts look fantastic, but I seriously doubt I am going to buy another belt for 20 years, except maybe a dress belt to match some shoes. As far as quality goes, the corter is not as...
Clearing out my closet. I outgrew some stuff, and I have way too much clothing in general. Everything in very good condition, no missing buttons, no stains, rips, or tears. Assume + $5 for shipping.    Thanks for looking.   -----   Brooks Brothers Brooksease  navy blazer, made in USA. 40R (not labeled). $60     Pendleton Woolen Mills unstructured blazer.Size...
Looking for a tanner goods cardholder wallet in any color. Let me know if you have one you're looking to sell. Thanks.
  I feel like the shorts are a bit long, and pretty wrinkly, and the jacket is much too long. I think some brown camp mocs would look good here.
They are going to be extremely hot in the summer, your feet will sweat and the boots will begin to smell. I wear workboots just about year round, but when the temperature is above 85 and the humidity rises, a pair of thick leather boots is very uncomfortable. Sometimes, though, its worth it just to be able to wear your favorite boots for a day.
You can treat wool very effectively to be waterproof/water resistant. Some of them require a wash in, but many are just a topical oil treatment. A dense weave like the filson bag will be very tough but also very water resistant on its own, just make sure to dry it out of it gets wet.
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