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Like these?
You should email them to ask if they'll adjust the price for you.
Kafka and Frans Boone have em IIRC.
Just a quick question: Is the sizing for the derbies the same as the Achilles?
 That's great, thanks. Trying to decide between these and the Herring Colthams to wear with denim and casual fits.Thoughts? The sole on the Herrings are pretty weird...
Would you mind posting pics please?
Do it. I've only shot in BW these few years. Check out this guy... BW landscapes. They are fucking amazing.
All either Ilford HP5 pushed to 1600 or Delta 3200                         
Hey guys, just received a pair of snuff suede double monks today. Just a quick question about fit: Lengthwise the shoe is snug, but widthwise its very tight, quite uncomfortable. Is this normal for new shoes? Should I exchange it for half a size larger? I don't have much experience with leather shoes...   This is the time frame from ordering to receiving in case anyone is wondering. Around 2 months. Hope it helps.    26 Feb: Ordered 27 Feb: Order introduced...
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