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Attachment 38931 I cannot get this off my wrist
I just picked up a pair of the slim straight and I love them. So far I like them more than APC's. They fit well, they look nice and they feel great. I also got them with my friends discount so they were 0nly $50.
They might be fakes. If I were you I would buy stuff like that from brick and mortor
Quote: Originally Posted by SenorMatador Not give a crap and try on the shoe. Part of the "shoe-buying" process is trying on shoes to see if they fit. Why does it matter what he thinks? They're paid to help. We work on Commission. We are are not payed unless you buy. Some guys come in try on shoes buy nothing then wonder why we have attitudes. It's because they just wasted are time. Tell the salesman your intentions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips Share pics. They will be here on the ninth. Hope I like them.
I just pulled the trigger on the McVie in dark brown. At $470 marked down from $900 I think I got a good deal for a good work shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Same sweater as before, but paired with real trousers and shoes, it looks a bit different. Sorry for the aggro face. Its so fucking cold I couldn't really feel what was going on Juun.J coat Raf Simons sweater Juun.J gloves Thick as Thieves trousers Gucci shoes (no gulkhan) I wish I was skinny enough to wear shit like that. You look great Brian.
[quote=whodini;1516879]I'll see what I have left. you coming to the party? If I am not working I will be their hopefully in my big slubs. Thanks Mauro for ordering them about 15 minutes ago.
Hey Mauro you got some nakes and famous big slub in a 32?
[quote=XenoX101;1516630]It's the same as wearing diesel, hugo boss, armani, prada, or gucci. They are only tacky if you wear them in conjuction with said labels above which means you are trying to hard.
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