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Viscose 5zip http://*****************/listings/144077-maison-martin-margiela-maison-martin-margiela-jacket
Zam Barrett up to 60% off. No code necessary. Most DNA pants in the $200-300 range
51 krayzeez (1490) 52 510kut ($1065) 53 nbird ($795) 54 goofy12 ($780) 55 PDinh (1650 United States dollars) 56 Kontos ($450) 57 Yohans301 (780) 58 ro0ts ($741) 59 Gerry Nelson ($885) 60 dieworkwear ($820) 61 panthermodern ($830) 62 darkdestiny ($795) 63 kwonster ($830) 64 ButterToast ($380) 65 hennree ($780) 66 x3tng ($380) 67 Peter1 ($870) 68 Leopardus ($820) 69 Star_Mart ($1560) 70 Benfica ($780) 71 RBNMAN ($2500) 72 Azif ($380) 73 Phobicz ($780)
NMWA will be having pre-orders opening tomorrow for the Memory coat in a bunch of colourways. No idea if it'll be as limited as the merino but looking like there's a lot of interest in the camel. 
He also said daypacks would be ready this month.
Not sure when it started but Peir Wu webstore is at 20% off http://www.peirwu.com/shop/
  I wrote down that I wanted silver hardware in the message with paypal payment but didn't mention it in my emails with Charly so it probably just got missed and they went with stock. And yeah, I think the gunmetal looks great with it anyway.
Sherwood BCDR ordered at the end of May. Came with gunmetal instead of silver hardware but really not that big of a deal. The suede is sooooo nice, it feels so soft and light.  [[SPOILER]]
Got my first toj today, oxblood calf MDR. Took a few pics and I think the fit is pretty spot on. I haven't seen it in natural light yet, but the colour is really hard to judge. It tends to looks brown or burgundy-ish depending on light and angle.   I know everyone says it, but the calf is so much more heavier and thicker and stiffer than I expected. Gotta see how it breaks in, but I think I would've been better off with a lamb for my first jacket. But then I haven't...
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