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They're both 46, but the maroon fits more like a 50 and is like 39" long.
So I bought a couple of tanks from ZB in the same size. One of them fits great, the other not so much :|  
Pretty cheap drkshdw stuff here http://www.allotmentstore.com/rick-owens/ Grabbed a small mountain hoodie  
 Does anyone know what brand that white raw hem shirt is? Those layer-0 ankle boots are super tempting but I'm normally a 42  
Someone should grab this owl kaftan in 48 on ssense: https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/lemaire/brown-beige-herringbone-owl-kaftan-coat/1254213
 If you switch the location/currency to $AUD you get the non-sales prices but
Got it from the newsletter email a few hours ago and it worked on some Geos for me. Guess it might be a regional code or they haven't applied it to the US yet.
Tres Bien 20% off code: FALL-CAMPAIGN-20
@nicelynice not sure if it'll be too small for you but there's a green stripe PH blazer on gr@iled in what looks like new condition.   edit: https://www.grilled.com/listings/245476-paul-harnden-classic-blazer-2015-black
So Falcon Garments is using the old toj production facilities. Don't count on any good news from Drew I guess
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