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I wonder if anyone has a pair of used vass for sale in size 41?
  With this amount of wear, is it advisable to get it topied at this stage?   Thinking of extending the 'sole life' as much as possible before a resole. I'm just afraid that applying topy will weaken the actual leather sole further.
  Is this in need of a resoling? Any signs of imminent failure?   Do you think getting it Topied will suffice?
Resurrecting an ancient thread here!   So if I am a size 8.5D in the AE 5 last, my corresponding EU size in SM should be 41 or 41.5? Speaking of SM, how come there isn't a SM porn thread here??
A quick noob question - with a 41 in Vass F and a 8.5D in AE 5, what size will I be in the KN14?   TIA!
Will shoes darkened with dark shoe cream fade back to its original colour over time? Will constant brushing hasten the fading back to its original colour?   Can someone tell me if these Tag Heuer glasses are real or fake? I've never seen that Tag Heuer eyewear box before, even after researching.   Are they the real deal?
8.5D is UK or US size for the C&J?
  This model is meant to be a double-sole one, right? Is the heel lifted off the horizontal plane?   I read that singe-sole models that are made on the double sole have the heels lifted at the front. I wonder if a double-sole model will be the opposite if made with a single sole.
  Thank you for your assurance! I simply love your shoes! Beats all the Goodyear welted crap hands down any day.   Please go on and continue making your top-notch shoes for us SFers!   My Aldo wholecuts have 25 years in and still going strong!
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