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Just a quick shoutout to @shawnc as I make a contribution to Whiskey Weds: These PTBs came in from our fellow contributor Shawn in essentially mint condition. He tells me he wore them 5x. More like one time when he tried them on before he topyd them. Anyway, if he's selling, rest assured he's a standup guy. Thanks! Pants are Ep walts. Will try to post whiskey comparison pics later.
Leaving for vacation soon and the house is a mess while we pack. Going for an all Ep set of vacation clothes to get through the next couple of weeks. For work, went with squiggle cotton walts from a recent EFF and the Ep New Eng blue oxford. Whiskey PTBs from my fellow Alden brother @shawnc
Just kopped whiskey PTBs from ShawnC. Less than an hour after I PayPal him, I get a tracking number. He also weathered all my annoying questions and clarifications in a gentlemanly manner. Thank you, Shawn! Maybe they'll arrive in time for whiskey weds. Fingers crossed.
Shoelaces express.com
I was once guilty of using gym and tennis bags to smuggle shell cordovan into the house. I've found that, in the end, transparency tends to be the best policy. (Bank accounts don't lie). Regarding wives and their keen instincts, the best was the time I tried to pass off my heathered gray Rivet chinos as a long time pair of Jcrews that "hadn't been worn in a while." My wife noted that the tailoring and nice fit of an Ep pant is unmistakable, not to mention the cool...
This is why Alden and Epaulet packages are shipped to my office
Need to pick up my posting game. Wore my beater cigar PTBs from DC in the rain to pick up pho for my wife and kiddo, who are under the weather today. Btw, JosABank had a 2 for $25 special this morning on shoe trees. Get em while they're hot.
Hi Zenny and other interested parties / lovers of LWBs, I was thinking reverse tobacco for a couple of reasons. Epaulet and Context have already covered the reverse earth domain with solid models like the Ironside Indys. Navy reverse is intriguing to me (although I admit I haven't seen much of it other than Dubs's very nice Indy Boots). My only concerns with navy reverse are that it might be regarded as a less versatile option than the tobacco and I've seen some folks...
    Thank you, gentlemen, for your prompt and helpful responses. I'm thinking I don't want to be spending energy thinking about which socks work with this particular model, so erring on the larger side of things to account for tobacco chammois-related tight fitment might be a way to go. On the other hand, if any of you gents are game for a reverse tobacco longwing, maybe we could get some traction for an MTO-type of thing so that I could dial the size in with more...
I'm hoping those with experience with reverse tobacco chamois can offer some insights on a fit question. The situation is as follows: I am looking at a rtc model on barrie. The problem is that the retailer has only stocked it in E widths, whereas I normally take a D width. I have had varying degrees of success on interpolating fit by playing with widths. For example, when I bought whiskey shell lwb's, I dropped my D width size by one half and took the shorter but wider E...
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