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@coolarrow wins the first 8.5d/8e barrie giveaway because reasons (i.e., picking his name out of an Engineered Garments hat).   Good sir, let's discuss shipping and logistics via pm. Hope you like all eyelets and tobacco chamois.
Thanks, Don! You kill it every day and never repeat combos. Makes it hard to feel like I can contribute to this fine thread or the Ep thread. I've been laying low and playing it safe by simply buying Engineered Garments and plagiarizing everyone's ideas on the EG thread or wearing japanese raw denim on the weekends with Merz B Schwanen henleys and Real Mccoys repro outerwear for the low maintenance capsule wardrobe.  Quick unrelated random thought: I'm in the middle of a...
Thanks for the kind words. I would say that the all-eyelet setup is a major factor in why these nearly two-year-old boots have such little wear (the minor issue is that I tend to prefer my barrie- and plaza-lasted pairs for my primarily business casual day-to-day outfits). I've actually thought about converting a number of my all-eyelet Alden boots to speedhooks (I'm looking at you, Ironside Indys and LS Plaza Color 8 WT boots...). Speaking of which: who do y'all prefer...
It felt like time for a biannual outing for the Ravello NSTs Ep Walts    
Things have been busy, so I rarely post or get to appreciate all the lovely Alden porn. Glad to see the heavy hitters and veterans still at it (good to see Mdubs and DV and Repp and Sazon still here). Fun seeing the young guns like Jettasy owning it. Overall, I'm glad to see the welcoming and convivial atmosphere I enjoyed so much still at play. Hope you all are wearing your Aldens in good health! Btw, black shell is underrated. My newest acquisition: Context Tanker boots...
When I bought horsehide boots from .com a few months back, I checked with Viberg staff about changing the soles out. I was told they would entertain replacing a dainite sole with a double leather or even a vibram christy sole. Not sure if they'd hold to this policy now that business is taking off even more, but you could always check. He cited a cost under $100 usd depending on the sole selected.
I also wear a size 31 in jeans (e.g., The Flat Head, Pure Blue Japan, and the Strike Gold), as well as in chinos and trousers. I took a size small in the BDU pants this season. And I am swimming in them (i.e., drawstring in full effect working in concert with belt). Perhaps others can chime in about the seemingly more fitted pants.
I'm the same size in tennis trainers, regardless of whether they're unfinished hh or other leather (team Loden here)Fwiw, I also take the same size in gats (and will soon confirm whether hh gats are a parallel fit once the hh's bry2000 sold me arrive later today!!)
I like to place them on a drying rack in a tub after soaking. Alternatively, I've used these cool jeans hooks from Amazon
Those look even better in your closeup. Thanks so much for pointing out the Converse option. Will definitely call them for help, since the website only has basic red, blue and black available.
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