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I know you speak Epaulet fluently. Let's just say that PBJ's slim tapered fits are consistent the way you'd expect from a Rivet chino; once you figure out sizing, it's just about dialing in the texture and the color of the weft that best suits your style. If you're looking for more of a walt fit, you might go to a slim straight cut, like maybe a Flat Head model 1001 (see Rivet and Hide). I know you listed budgetary constraints, but I'd recommend modifying the budget upward...
I know the stretch factor was a thing, but since you said you're inclined to grab something different, why not consider Pure Blue Japan? Always interesting textures and fading potential. You can either go classic right hand twill and end up with interesting, slubby textures. See, e.g., the 18 oz xx-013 model sold at Blue Owl or BiG. About a 7" opening (as most of their slim taper fits have). Pairs well with most things, including your Aldens and Ep shirts. If you want a...
Indeed. Doesn't matter what the shirt is called. If it's an Ep EFF purchase, everyone wins 
Rocket popsicle is a different fabric; it's the one that is often used to illustrate the band collar when EFFs are advertised. (I have that exact shirt from last summer)
So the sample sale was the issue. Thanks for clarifying.
Has anyone experienced shipping delays from Viberg.com this week? I ordered service boots on Monday, and I can see a banner on the website saying that orders from this past week were to go out on 6/7. However, I haven't gotten a response from the Viberg folks via e-mail or phone. (This, in my experience, is uncharacteristic of their usually responsive staff). I wouldn't think the sample sale would have slowed down their workflow this much, so is there another reason for...
+1 for the annual, comprehensive thread method
Thedi horsehide MA1 (or is it MA-1?) with white loopwheeled tee (non Ep stuff includes The Strike Gold denim and Trickers x LS black calf wingtip boots)
Do you have to choose from extant stock or do you get to request a makeup for the future?
Mike, thank you very much for all the amazing customer support, including your super quick release on my MA-1. Dylan answered absurd amounts of fit questions in the beginning and then honored my request for small PayPal invoices so I could take care of the balance in advance at my own snail's pace. Adele kept in touch regarding when things were likely to hit American soil following customs. And finally, Sam got my package onto the UPS truck just before the end of the day,...
New Posts  All Forums: