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Bakes, thank you as always for being so helpful and forthcoming with the pics.  Your vote of confidence always brings me closer to the trigger pull. Thank you! This info is very helpful. I think the comfort of the flex sole will help me get over missing out on the BB foxing bonus.Let's hope so. It is, of course, arguable that the devil resides in my desire to spend money senselessly on Aldens and Vibergs.
Seven, thank you for pointing this out. I'm not sure how I missed this. Perhaps it's partially due to not seeing many dark brown suede tassels on this thread.  I'm interested in hearing opinions regarding the relative versatility of snuff vs dark brown suedes. I realize that the versatility of snuff suede has been thoroughly discussed. Along these lines, I initially thought about purchasing the snuff tassels debuting on JC today. However, when I think about the specifics...
Would the Alden last experts confirm my hunch that these are Aberdeen? I'm starting there because most tassels are on that last, but I know JCrew favors Barrie.  In a related note, where might one find dark brown suede tassels?
Thanks Ryden. Turnaround time is usually a day to nj. Can't wait.In other news, I'm wearing the crosshatch Kamigata for the 4th time in 7 days.
Just ordered my first pair of Walts and am very excited. For the shorter East Coast gents, do you trust garden variety tailors to hem the pants to a 30" inseam or is there someone specific on the East Coast everyone takes their Ep chinos to?
Just ordered some petrol blue Walts from the Epaulet sale. All I need now are some ravello wt and nst boots to try for a @MrDV picture. Oh wait, I need to call my landscaper too. 
 Congrats. Looking forward to seeing your in-the-wild pics. I may well go for grape as well.Thank you, B! Trying to keep up with you, but you are always raising the bar, my friend.
Thank you, Frank, for the kind words. I'm very tempted to try to rock it tomorrow, as I'll be working out of a different office location. Or maybe I should just pull trigger on the grape version.
I think I've caught an Epaulet bug. I always knew you guys were a good Alden retailer, but now I can see why everyone raves about your clothes. I'm going to try not to wear the cross hatch denim Kamigata more than twice this week. Open to suggestions on best shoes to wear with the Kamigata. Decided to go with natural cxl wt boots for starters today...  
New Posts  All Forums: