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Glad you like it, Mike. I'm in good company. Might make this weekend's PTO event at my kid's school the place for the Electric Youth's maiden voyage
Have a nice trip! Please share grape walt pics to help those of us who are less confident. In other news, very excited to get UPS's notice of Gitman EFF Electric Youth Gauzy shirt arriving tomorrow  
Dubs, I've seen you rock many a kit with cool colors from Ep along with your ridiculously marvelous Aldens (lavender check walts in your stable, iirc, for example). I have every confidence you could rock the pale grapes.Of course, if you come up with some cool combos, I'll steal your brilliant ideas when my pale grape walts come.Or, if we're both out of ideas, we can always plagiarize some of DonL's killer style.Always appreciating the creative kits everyone posts here....
This EFF has gone just like every other before it. @Epaulet announces the event. I tell myself the wardrobe is solid enough and doesn't require any additions at this time. Secretly, I brace myself knowing I'm at risk of an impulse purchase. I tell myself those new Japanese jeans should require a solid period of daily wear and therefore new pants would actually represent a self destructive act of patina sabotage. I take comfort in knowing I have a busy workday ahead and...
Thought I could resist...   ...then I succumbed and kopped the classic black couro at 1am last night. At least I can wear it with the Thedi MA-1 when it comes :)
So many nice new Alden tankers have been posted. You guys inspire me to stop being a lazy poster. Here are my nearly 18-month-old Leffot tankers with brand new PBJ xx-007s.  
Agreed, but I wasn't going to begrudge someone their attempt to have a good time. Just thought I'd take the question regarding which Aldens for which situations seriously. The answer would be the same if the original poster had asked about how to avoid getting boots ruined at a make-your-own-sundae children's birthday party. 
This would be a scenario for reverse tobacco chamois. Extra pre-treatment with Obenauf's prior to hitting clubs would be an important barrier method.
Please make this happen soon.
The gents from Epaulet offer a succinct primer that speaks to the Chelsea's origin and versatility. It seems to fit well with both city and country sensibilities. From Ep's medium.com Chelsea project page:"For over 150 years, rock stars and viscounts alike have called the Chelsea their own. First forged by Queen Victoria’s private cobbler, this revolutionary “elastic ankle boot” was designed to take the most in-demand dandies from full-gallop in stirrups to parqueted...
New Posts  All Forums: