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Or we could just call it EPic 
Rydenfan, as usual, speaks the truth. Sorry I couldn't chime in earlier. Self Edge does a great job of course. One thing to note is that having the jeans tailored instantaneously makes them final sale regardless of whether you end up having a problem (which I can't imagine you would because it's Ep), so measure twice, cut once. Moreover, there isn't much of a sizing guessing game with Ep denim. Look at the sizing charts on the website; things are pretty straightforward...
Buy Epaulet selvedge denim. Get an indigo pair, an eggshell and maybe a faded pair for less than or approximately equal to the cost of one high end Japanese pair. You'll end up with well made product, nice fading over time, and the nice folks over there can have the jeans chain stitched for you.Just don't fall into the spending vortex when you see the other cool items on the rest of their site.
Please allow me to add to the testimonies about outstanding customer service from Epaulet. Yesterday I received a white Ep New England chambray shirt just a day and a half after the order went through. The shirt had a few random black splotches, likely from the factory. I send Dylan an email and he replies in less than an hour telling me that another shirt is coming to me and that I can out the defective shirt in the mail tomorrow. Before I've even sent Dylan my tracking...
Damn. My kid's size sold out in the first few minutes of the preorder. Waiting to see that pair on sale in Asia for $2k
Once you pop, you won't stop. Like Pringles, but healthier.
Ep day: White spread collar Navy knit tie (on sale months ago Color 8 Cxl belt Speckled Chambray Rivets Alden cigar shell lwb's from AofC patinating after 2 years
Yes, I was advocating for patience--with Epaulet. My response to you was not a polemic against exuberance in purchasing. I think we're all on this thread because we like Epaulet stuff; I'm not sure when that became an issue. As far as patience for people who create accounts just so they can complain anonymously about nonsignificant concerns, it appears I've run out. Now let's move along and continue to relish our exuberance for all things Ep.
Insta-kopped so fast the specs weren't even up yet. Sorry, guys, would you mind if I wrote or phoned in the deets on the jacket? 
Couro scene is a great example. Another that comes to mind is the handling of the transition from old Rivet to new. We all know Mike was carefully noting the skinny and more robust guys respective preferences for thigh, calf and seat specs and nonetheless remained completely capable of responding in short time to our many questions, feedbacks and wishes. No good deed goes unpunished sometimes. Mike and his crew have taken on the impossible task of trying to please a crowd...
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