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+1 for the annual, comprehensive thread method
Thedi horsehide MA1 (or is it MA-1?) with white loopwheeled tee (non Ep stuff includes The Strike Gold denim and Trickers x LS black calf wingtip boots)
Do you have to choose from extant stock or do you get to request a makeup for the future?
Mike, thank you very much for all the amazing customer support, including your super quick release on my MA-1. Dylan answered absurd amounts of fit questions in the beginning and then honored my request for small PayPal invoices so I could take care of the balance in advance at my own snail's pace. Adele kept in touch regarding when things were likely to hit American soil following customs. And finally, Sam got my package onto the UPS truck just before the end of the day,...
Some fun Thedi teaser pics happening on IG. So stoked.
In my experience, the jeans will stretch eventually. With Ep jeans as well as with other brands, there are many paths to stretching nirvana. When I've encountered pairs where buttoning top buttons is potentially painful, I try to soften the denim by buttoning and unbottoning the jeans (while not wearing them...) repeatedly until the buttonhole material relaxes. Once the buttons become more cooperative (the criteria would be whether one could reasonably unbutton and then...
I've only lucked out on kopping Aldens at a discount from Need Supply andJCrew. JCrew can be done both through their occasional IT coding lapses or, more enjoyably, by cashing in goodwill points with your local Jcrew personal stylist. I've done this successfully with two stylists at the Short Hills NJ location.
I've been known to sleep in new clothing acquisitions--Ep and otherwise--for the sake of accelerating break in. Broke in my Ep OG western shirt that way, and I'm currently breaking in 21 oz denim by sleeping 6 hours a night in it. My wife truly has the patience of a saint... By the way, Mike, would you kindly instagram Thedi MA1 unboxing pics when the shipment comes in?   
Truth be told, I probably won't need a hanger because I'm going to wear it all day long, if only so my wife will stop making fun of me for my Beckham wannabe-ness every time I put on my Belstaff Panther.
True dat. Sadly, my hanger budget got blown on knits and Alt Wiens. My horsehide Thedi will have to settle for the mommy dearest hangers from the local cleaners. Unless I can upgrade to one of my eight-year-old's lovely little plastic kiddie hangers. Oh wait, there's the Banana Republic hanger from my circa 2000 leather car coat...
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