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Eggshell K has great texture and is so versatile. Because it dresses up and down so easily, it's been getting at least two wears a week.
Kopped the EFF Japanese Squiggles. Thinking I'll wear it with the cross hatch Kamigata this summer. Black loop wheeled tee, Ep Carmina snuff belt, Eggshell Kaihara and Ep Salinger Carminas thrown together for brunch with my wife and kiddo. Ep western shirt if the AC is on in restaurant
Thanks! I'm not against Nano and the like. I think I actually did apply a coat when the boots first arrived last year. I tend to wear suede on mostly clear days, so it's not much of an issue. Also, after a couple of years of Alden collecting, I've found myself less obsessed with pristine pairs and more interested in wearing as much of the collection as consistently as I can. Of course, this has required a more versatile wardrobe, which is where Epaulet comes in; at least...
My snuff suede maintenance technique: $5 suede brush from Kiwi almost never and trying not to spill food on them Today, with Ep 1st edition Garands from recent sale
Ravello wtb from TSM
I completely agree that it's difficult to find well-fitting no-show's. For me, the JCrew ones have been passable. It seems it's a matter of technique and periodic securing of the socks. I try to make sure they are as properly positioned as possible and then try to carefully use a metal shoehorn to get my foot into the shoe. I try to start with the sock a bit higher than you would intuitively want it to rest, with the assumption that it will gradually slip. Still, there are...
You're very welcome. Pretty sure we here all agree there's no need to limit yourself to just one pair
The neat aspect about working with Yenni is that she is all about being user friendly and responsive. When I approached her about the Reverse Chamois WT boot idea, she took the time to think aloud with me about the "demographic" and use cases for the boot; she had a neat openness to the less used designs and was eager to hear from me about the types of makeups us folks on the thread here have clamored for. Interestingly, her makeup list has a number of neat gems that are...
@kwhitelaw Yenni's new email is on the AofC website. Here's the list of Yenni makeups for Brick and Mortar I received recently:   Spring/Summer 2015: 1. Two-tone saddle shoe, navy suede saddle & backstay, cognac calfskin vamp & quarters, Barrie last, flex sole. Spring 2015 delivery. Sizes available for pre-order: D width: 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½, 9, 9 ½, 10, 10 ½ E width: 8, 8 ½   2. Navy chromexcel handsewn penny loafer, Van last, flex sole. Spring 2015 delivery. Sizes...
Basically, it's a reincarnation of Leffot's Greenwich on Reverse Tobacco Chammy. Pics should still be discoverable on google images. She's currently taking $200 deposits through her Brick and Mortar store; anticipated delivery sometime in early 2016. She's a pleasure to deal with.
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