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Thanks guys. The texture was the same after bleaching it. The only thing I didn't like was that after washing it the patterned part faded a lot from the bleach. It was originally red and blue, but ended up purple and pink. I imagine that could have been avoided if I rinsed the shirt a lot more thoroughly before throwing it in the washer. I ended up selling it to buffalo exchange.
Some stuff I did a while ago: [[SPOILER]]   Sorry for the shitty instagram photos.   I'll have some new stuff to post soon that should be a lot cooler.
Holes forming in the creases of the honeycombs is super common. Hand washing them probably would have helped lessen the effect.
Do not buy HMG, they are garbage. Clarks don't really stretch, they just run really big.
Go to Uniqlo; cheapest, best fitting basics you can get.
Maybe not quite what you're looking for but worth checking out?
Got this GANT Rugger shirt for 50% off today: And these Unbranded UB204 for $50(BNWT) the other day:
Uniqlo, H&M, J.Crew, Edwin, Uniqlo, Sperry.
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