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I don't think most tailors would taper them from the inseam because of the double felled seam. If they will do it, it's gonna be pricey.
Good call. I don't think you'd be happy with any of the Unbranded fits if you like your super skinnys. Even after getting my 121's tapered an inch, I still wish they were slimmer.
Dang, the BOM005s look so good! Measurements seem just about perfect. These might be my next pair of jeans, I'd love to see a fit pic though.
A couple recent shots:      
[[SPOILER]] I don't have any personal experience with these, so they could be crap, but:
After my second day wearing my UB121 jeans the top button feels a little loose (which I've read is common unfortunately), is there anything I can do to prevent it from popping off? Or am I doomed?   The jeans fit well btw, I can button them up easily so it's not them being too small.
What does it mean when people write "(5)" on here?  
ROY, Railcar Fine goods.
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