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Anyone with sizing questions should check out this page:  They recommend measuring your best-fitting pair of jeans and getting something similarly sized.  I did that and everything turned out almost perfectly, though the regulars are very snug on my hard-to-fit thighs.  The inseam is much longer than anything else I own (it takes 3 rolls instead of 2.)  Also, the belt loops are gigantic - I could wear both my 32mm dress belts at...
Pocketsquareguy, Thanks for repping your tumblr, there's lots of great inspiration in there.  I subscribed.
Personally I'm incredibly fond of combat boots, a hoodie, and a motorcycle jacket.  I will be the first to admit that I'm an insecure New Yorker trying to look tough, but I love it.
Hey everyone, I'm heading to Mr. Ned tomorrow to get my first MTM suit.  I was hoping to get some tips, and some feedback on what I ask for.  Naturally, I will post pics here and in the tailoring thread so you can rip it to shreds learn from my experience.   Here's what I think I am looking for: Something gray, since I like it better than navy and will have plenty of opportunities to expand my wardrobe later. Two buttons, besomed pockets, no cuffs on the...
IIRC from Dressing the Man he says often that rules are meant to be "bent," and that this often the way one arrives at true stylishness.   Too much hedging in a book of guidelines would defeat the purpose.       The vintage pictures are wonderful, but the pictures in the "use of color" section are a little offputting.  When he purports to show that certain colors enhance someone's appearance, shouldn't they do so on their own without tweaking in Photoshop?  That the he...
I used to share an office with the owner of HOB.  It is, by the way, a side project when he wants a break from his HR company.   I had this great conversation: Owner of HOB: "I also make suits, we take the measurements and have them made in China." Me: "Oh, so made to measure?" OH: "No, bespoke." Me: "That's not what 'bespoke' means." OH: "Sure it is.  Anyway, let me know if you want one." Me: "If I ever want one, I will."
I agree!  However the coat of arms for London seems appropriate, and it is pretty cool.     You should feel quite confident about your interest in silver-colored buttons.  It sounds like they coordinate with your accessories and I hear they're equally appropriate, especially in dulled nickel.  FWIW I'm looking in to a nickel-buttoned navy blazer myself, and I look forward to seeing how yours turns out.
It does!?  My friends, even the ones who can afford much more and work high-class jobs, seem to cherish looking awful.
Google Priority Inbox - only shows you important stuff unless you ask.   Also, in for a Black2 and a Super Heavy.  Pretty pumped.
  Well you would have gotten a kick out of me in my shell bals and my dad in his calf wholecuts 
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