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@covskin http://www.johnsmedleyoutlet.com/mens/mens-exclusive-sale-495/e2004-in-shadow-blue
  Goodness, I hope not. This is actually a Gant gingham OCBD  And first time the nerve to put a photo on SF 15 minutes later, this was happening 
   metaphorically and dramatic effect only! :)
Espedrilles, really? leaves thread.
 Video just needed Fonz type thumbs  up to be complete Really like all your fits. Would copy all but i'm the other side of the coin lighter, fatter and balder! Thanks
Reassuringly expensive John Smedley? http://www.johnsmedley.com/uk/mens/shop-by-collection/classic-collection/
On the nail.
What a let down, as part of "Duty" they should be well turned out. At Harewood on Saturday on World wide TV they looked like slimmed down Jeremey Clarks*ns. That is not a good thing.
@Papperskatt   Really like vintage suits and you wear them with the right amount of attitude. Not an easy thing to do. Could so easily look like fancy dress.
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