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 @ An Acute Style As close as i've got to printing of a look to use as an example. Thanks Wonder what wfe would say with pictures of headless men on the wall?
Some things go without saying!
Thanks,I'm slightly glad that there is no mystery to it. Slightly peeved that there is no answer to it. Now i've seen those crazy suspenders you "mericans" have for keeping shirts tucked in, maybe we can get some that fasten to the trouser hem to keep the break perfect. ©oneflewover
Mine are Skechers and great for about 1/4 wear on sole before they need binning, the heels just collapse then. But nearly throw away prices so a month of summer life. However, they do not look all bad under chinos. Sort of like a grown up version of the green flash of my youth.
 Bare with me the clumsiness of the question.  I want that break. Yet when I get my trousers at that length, i see acres of sock. I like chukkas and can get way with whilst wearing those, but normally it looks an inch too short. The last time at my tailor (for tailor read alterations lady in the market) she refused to alter short, we came to a mid length agreement. When I came to collect she had done them longer stating " you cant have them that short" when I complained...
 I'm not very good with shorts and "the look" they are not really compatible. Shorts are for holidays and bumming around IMHO Spoilered for those of weak disposition  [[SPOILER]]
 Can't do untucked, exception, with shorts. It is a very fine line, trying to carry the style without it turning into fancy dress. There is very little of what I was wearing forty years ago that I could get away with now. Frogmouth pocket trousers, polo shirts and OCBD are about it. Gone are the DMs being replaced by Chukkas, Elastic waisted jackets have gone, tweed is in. Crombie gone in favour of Pea Coat. Turtle and mockturtle jumpers have crept in as have woollen...
Cross post from CM, I like to think it has "the look"  
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