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 A Merino zipped turtle neck from Uniqlo for a day out in London today. With 22C it was maybe a bad idea. 
 That PS detail, absolutely superb. A couple of tack stitches to keep it in place?
Not sure if these have all been linked. From the, not particularly nice, Skinhead Revial http://www.derekridgers.com/index/module/media/category/gallery|documentary|skinheads/start/0
 a back garden in Yorkshire. Edited for the vernacular :)
 Forum passim, I had some trousers tailored wearing chukkas, now look short with brouges, so IKWYM. Spot on with your next pictures.
Love all your fits and this 27thumb one is no different, however, that is a huge amount of sock on show. Am I completely wrong to think that?
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