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 The bloke outside the door has it bang on. Could be me now... ... (wishing).
doctors coats? treatment, lots about on the terraces at that time.
Called the "shaggy dog" in Hull
A really dark green / bronze,  dark blue / red and a brown / red. But all a bit distant now. Co-incidence, in a vintage shop today, buying a bit of Tweed, (Steve McQueen in Bullitt look) and trying on a Mac with a superb blue/gold tonic lining, The girl behind the counter, resplendent in fifties floral circle dress,  commented on how good it looked. The lining, not the coat on me! btw, not really pulling off the Steve McQueen thing. Could be the bald pate, paunch and lack...
That could have been me - fair isle and longer pants though, just so they touched the top of instep. For me it would have been 72-73. Can't ever recall the label skinhead, suedehead felt right. Harrington over the top with Yorkshire badge
Definitely around up here in Hull, known as Tonic's. I could never afford them though.
Been to many football games lately? Small enamel badges are the almost de riguer part of casual football wear. On the left chest of Aquascutum, Henri Lloyd, Burberry etc
 I like how the photo group includes seggs.Hull 1973/4 in my little circle, brouges where black - DMs where Ox blood.
Almost certainly been posted before, but available gain on the BBC (our US friends will have to use Vyper) Pete Townsend talking about Quadrophenia, Mod clothes and being a mod.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01k83bl/Quadrophenia_Can_You_See_the_Real_Me/
Just done thread from start to now. Thanks for taking the time to post. Some great looks, inspirational, as others have said. Your formal seems to be very British and casual US.   Thanks again.
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