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Wow that is a serious first proper purchase! Fantastic choice. 
For anyone in the UK, I was informed by a JLC AD in London that prices are to go up between 8-10% on models in the second or third week of August following the movement against the pound of late.    Disappointing, but at the same time there is a huge disparity now between RRP in the EU/USA and the UK. I suspect all major brands will be following suit. 
Turned up, very happy with it.
MUT Moon should get a discount, but if it is in the duty free already they may be less willing. The Ultra Thin 38.5mm I have just bought was 1 year old but WoS gave the buyer a £400 discount last June off the £5,600. I just picked it up from a pawnbrokers for just over half the list. Would have been rude not to. Sure a near 10% may be possible.    The 1907's are lovely. The white gold is a gorgeous watch. Bit out of my price range at the moment given I am in my 20's....
Sorted out the JLC size issue. Turns out the ref on the back bears no resemblence to the product code for each of their watches, it is actually a movement casing/metal/movement size coding so could see the same ref on different models. Bought it and might even be tempted to post a pic or two. 
Hi,    I am looking at a JLC Master Ultra Thin with the ref 174.8.90.S on the caseback and I am unable to tell if it is a master ultra thin or a master grande ultra thin.    I asked for measures and was told 40.5mm with the crown and 38.5mm without but I am not 100% certain,    Could anyone with any better knowledge than me clarify this for me? Thanks!
My first pair, some black becketts.
Anyone ever come across Jaquet Droz? Got offered one from an AD in the UK, while looking at a JLC, for half price which I thought was crazy discounting. It was rose gold and it was still £7000+ but even so. Hated it, not my style at all, but intrigued to know thoughts on them. 
I have an opportunity to purchase a JLC ultra thin moon from 2012 with full box and papers for around £3300 or $4600. The watch requires a new strap but apart from that appears to be in perfectly good condition.    I know a new strap runs to around $300 or so. Would anyone be able to advise me of anything to be cautious of here with regards to this watch? It seems a pretty good deal given it is circa 50% of AD price, not considering any discount. Best discounted price I...
"Could anybody PM me the AD they used in Europe to purchase their JLC at a discount?"   Ditto to this. Looking at a moonphase 39mm, decent discounts in Europe seem hard to come by from reputable places. 
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