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"Could anybody PM me the AD they used in Europe to purchase their JLC at a discount?"   Ditto to this. Looking at a moonphase 39mm, decent discounts in Europe seem hard to come by from reputable places. 
What ref is that seamaster IGotld? Not usually my kind of thing but that looks excellent. 
I have a pair of new in box wholecuts in black on the AMA last Size 7 uk if anyone wants them. I would be willing to sell them for $130 plus shipping if any of you american guys want them. Shipping should be about $20 I think.    https://meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=1920
Could anyone advise me on my first EG purchase and a sizing question? I have been offered some Pimlico loafers in leather, not suede, at a really good price but I am not able to try them on first. I am a 7.5uk in all crockett and jones lace up lasts, save for the particularly roomy ones and a 7.5 in carmina lace ups. These being loafers, I wanted to see what the view on a 7.5uk in these might be. I am more worried about them being overly roomy rather than a little tight as...
Having been to Budapest this weekend I took the opportunity to look in on Rozsnyai. Located next door to the Vass shop, to my eye the shoes looked sleeker and more well designed than many of the Vass shoes. The people working in the shop were certainly more friendly.    In terms of the shoes themselves, there are some lovely models and they really should sort out a better online presence to showcase them as they could easily be as big as Carmina or the like.    Don't...
I would be in for that. Have to be on the more chiseled last than Ron though. Brou last pretty good mid-point, soft chiseled is the description. 
The shoes you comissions from them, did they come to 530euro in total per pair? Just wondering if they add the made by measure 100euro on if you send them your measurements? 
Just incase anyone has their eye on a pair of dub monks and is a 7.5uk - check out the below;    http://www.styleforum.net/t/386980/meermin-country-calf-double-monks-7-5uk-worn-twice
Postage to Singapore looks to be £26.80 or 57singapore $.   James
Selling my Tan Country Calf double monks as I just haven't found the time to wear them and want some Carmina MTO's really.    http://www.styleforum.net/t/386980/meermin-country-calf-double-monks-7-5uk-worn-twice   Anyone interested? 
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