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The shoes you comissions from them, did they come to 530euro in total per pair? Just wondering if they add the made by measure 100euro on if you send them your measurements? 
Just incase anyone has their eye on a pair of dub monks and is a 7.5uk - check out the below;    http://www.styleforum.net/t/386980/meermin-country-calf-double-monks-7-5uk-worn-twice
Postage to Singapore looks to be £26.80 or 57singapore $.   James
Selling my Tan Country Calf double monks as I just haven't found the time to wear them and want some Carmina MTO's really.    http://www.styleforum.net/t/386980/meermin-country-calf-double-monks-7-5uk-worn-twice   Anyone interested? 
DROPPED TO £110 - OPEN TO OFFERS.   DROPPED TO £100 - OPEN TO OFFERS AND REASONABLE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - ALSO UP ON EABY   For sale some fantastic barely used Meermin Tan Country Calf Double Monk Strap shoes in size 7.5uk. These shoes were purchasesd recently from Meermin online and have been worn twice.    The shoes are in great condition of course and have been treated twice with Saphir Renovateur mink oil leather conditioner to make the leather nice and...
That is a great looking JLT. Good to get some advice from someone in a similar position. Flying under the radar and not being flash is key here.    May I ask if you bought yours new or used? Tempted to go for a used one and get it sooner than wait, but equally enjoy the idea of a new one that is mine and will be retained for years to come. 
If you had £5k to spend ($8300) and were 27, looking for a serious watch; what would it be? Have a steel tag already and rolex's just too common or too expensive for the uncommon ones. Slim wrists, so looking for something more leather strap and smaller face orientated. First thought was Lecoultre Master Moonphase ultra thin because you dont see too many of them about.    Only looking for new really so no "you could pick up a patek on ebay for £5k on a good day" comments...
Bought a Napoli Navy suit from here; first foray away from MTM just to save some cash really. I am a standard 36S in most brands. Found the Napoli fit to be rather generous in the waist and chest and fitting more like a 38 but the sleeves and length were spot on.    Can anyone suggest a slimmer cut? The Washington...
I have olfe and hiro in 7.5uk. Olfe I have is lace up and hiro is dub monk but there is no noticable difference in size. Hiro is much narrower in the toe box so you can feel that it is stilightly shorter. Olfe looks shorter on my feet because of the proportions I think, but that may just be a perception thing.    Olfe seems to have a  tighter waist than Hiro, but this may be due to them being lace ups or because the olfe are linea maestro with a slight fiddleback waist....
Anyone comment on the size of the Ben last? 7.5 in the hiro, same in the Ben?
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