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Has anyone noticed the size dimensions for certain fits vary on different suits? For Example, most Lazios in size 36R have a 30in waist in the pants. But some 36 Lazios have a 32.3 waist in the pants. Is this an error or does it just depend on the suit?    
More clear shot of my SuitSupply Tux in action       The bottle is covering the button so here another            
    These are the best shots I can get one of my Washington models. The jacket has not been altered but I did hem the pants.      
You should look into SuitSupply. You can get great suits for under $500 there.
Sorry if this is a repeat post for me, but I'm new here and the image didnt show up.   SuitSupply Tuxedo   No alterations  
SuitSupply Tuxedo.... Size advisor recommended a 34R but I got a 36R... Right out the box w/ no alterations                      
New to this forum. Found this site while looking for pics of SuitSupply suits.  
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