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Yes, I did mean a button up shirt, button down shirt, or whatever other terms it may be known as. I didn't want to use the term dress shirt, as like you've mentioned, traditional dress shirts do not have pockets. What I meant was also a shirt that does not have a button down collar (I personally am not a fan of that kind of shirts).However, I do have another question. I am stepping into the Sales department very soon in the near future, and as I live in a tropical country...
Quick question: is it a fashion disaster to wear a tie with a button shirt that has a left breast pocket?
I received it as a gift and I thought of using it. I really didn't know it's actually an atrocious tie lol. Would anyone care to explain why? I'm pretty new to this. Just starting out in this whole thing.
Hey guys, What are some dress shirts and ties that are absolutely necessary for a guy? Looking to build my wardrobe as a young gentleman who's both stylish and professional.
Hey guys, I would love to know what other color dress shirts other than white will look good with a coffee check burberry tie? The color is actually darker than the picture IRL. Many thanks.
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