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Mazarin birdseye wool  socks edward green tassel loafers
#ComboOfTheDay with Bresciani grey socks (no stripes). There not availlable on our website. Beige -> Grey -> black  
Combo of the day with gallo socks and suede tasselloafers Here is our new gallo collection for summer 2015
Summer just started in Paris. Linen socks are just amazing when it's hot. I fyou want to try linen, you can find all our linen socks here.
 I am glad you mentionned Bresciani as I personnaly like this brand.Just a short message to let you know that we offer a very large number of Bresciani socks on our website. We try to have a very competitive price and service on these socks.We also have a few other brands, including Gammarelli (Pope's taillor in Rome). We offer many colors, many patterns (stripes, dots, houndstouth, herringbone, birdseye, grenadine...), many materials (cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, linen,...
Dear Sirs,   Since they were not so easy to find, we are happy to announce that we will now stock Simonnot Godard for both pocket squares and Handkerchieves.   You can select $ on the top of the page to see the prices in a convenient currency ! Shipping to the US is around $7.   We remain at your disposal !   Vincent for Mes Chaussettes Rouges 
Hi, we have just added a few models of Bresciani socks !   100% cashmere socks from Bresciani Wool and cotton socks from Bresciani
Thank You ! It is very kind of You.  I spend so much time on packaging, I like when people appreciate it !
A client's combo while Vincent playing piano in our socks shop:  - Blue pant (navy) - Aubergine socks from Mazarin (blue and red) - Red brown shoes  => perfect transition from blue to brown !    Vincent Combo :  - Raspberry socks from Mazarin - Weston shoes  
Hi, Here is our selection of Gallo Socks online.  We only offer the "Tailoring" Socks from Gallo ! We shipped worldwide.    If you have any question, please ask.  Jacques from Mes Chaussettes Rouges
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