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ThanksThanks, I'm not really a citizen guy so I figured I'd test drive it. I looked at the watch and was baffled on how to correct it. The times right so that's good. Ill worry about the date another day.Thank you so much for helping out. Not even 15 minutes later someone asked the time and I didn't have to reach for my cell to tell them.Your watch is more suited for my tastes by the way.
My thrift attire, interview today, my second. Whole thing ran me about 50 or so plus a little more for tailoring.
Anyone know how to adjust the time on this citizen. I put it on as I walked out the door and just realized its off the mark. It was supposed to be 10:11 when the pic was taken.
YoYou can probably reduce the shirt discoloration. It's not a terrible effort, but it can be tricky matching it. Not hard to dye and if it doesn't work you were out the shirt anyway right?
Thanks for all the advice, solid advice. Sometimes you tend to over think and you need a hand to reel you back in, you just did that for me.Thank you!Chris
Yup, at a thrift store. I couldn't believe it.
Hit up the thrift before classes. What do you think? I need a watch. I think they are out of their freaking mind!
Honest honest opinion. Are these worth thrifting lol.
I do have another suit, but I almost would prefer to wear the gray. The blue/yellow idea is a nice one I didn't think of. I may go that route.I do have a navy suit, and burgundy shoes but I'd rather not go that route because it looks too formal. Black and navy is too dark in my opinion as well.Thanks for the advice OTC!
Any chance I can get an opinion? I need to wear a suit to an interview and I'd like to look my best.Thanks.
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