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 Thanks! Yes, pants do need to be tapered but not enough time until Saturday :(
Hi guys, opinions on this outfit I've picked out to wear to the Chester Racecourse? The first is more representative of actual colour. Shoes are tan cap toe oxfords, couldn't fit them in the photo properly. Thanks!    
The rest of his clothes don't really seem to fit him do they . (I'm sorry I don't know what shoes they are)
I recently "thrifted" this sport coat by Hardy Amies to wear casually in the Summer. I feel it's too long for me, do you think a tailor could shorten the jacket and move the patch pockets up a bit? Would this mess with the proportions of the jacket too much? Also, is this an ok jacket to wear in the Summer? Thanks!        
What colour and type of pants could I wear with this sport coat? I am planning on wearing it with a shirt/tie/pocket square combo to the Chester racecourse in June, would this be acceptable? Thank you! (The shirt/tie combo in the photo is from the seller, not my own.)  
Thanks, hah!
I I have acquired this suit from my dad, but it is a 40R (I usually wear a 38R). The shoulders are extremely padded, and I can't decide whether they are too wide for me? I also know that the jacket needs to be taken in and sleeves shortened and possibly tapered. I am also sorry for the poor photos, I have left my SLR/tripod at home.   Thank you for any suggestions!      
If my actual shoulder width is 17.5", and a sport coat I like on eBay has a shoulder width measurement of 18.5", would this be too wide for me? Thanks!
@ridethecliche thanks for your input; I'm not really skinny, I think I have an average build (38" chest, 31" waist) for my height. Yes the image is from the seller.   @12345Michael54321 thank you, I will stop using that term!
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