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I've had stitch creasing done on three pairs of trousers. Looked good on the two that have puppytooth and herringbone patterns since it blends with the crease.  They did a good job on all issues yet. Looked like it would require some skill to do it right.
You might not want to let your CAC get into the picture next time....
It looks very similar to some OTR shirts I got on sale from JAB a couple years ago.  It's a woven material and most definitely, not's a fabric that can worn year round. I was considering  it but the two OTR's I have are in good condition and one o fthe few JAB shirts that weren't actually 2+ sizes bigger than what tags claim. So, I couldn't justify it.
I'm pretty sure I saw a new white material selection the other day while browsing...or at least I don't recall seeing it there before. I think it's named "the everyday" white shirt if my memory serves me correctly (which it doesn't anymore).
No, it doesn't feel papery at all.  It's not a wrinkle free material though and will wrinkle throughout the day...but not any more than an ordinary oxford type material.
Yeah, I have to agree on the  V-stitching and the V-shaped collar back being very unique and indicative of customization.  I might have to do that on my next shirt(s).
 A mix of the two would be fine as long as he lower priced options remain.  My experience with their lower end fabrics has been very good frankly. Nothing has appeared  to be cheap or flimsy.  Quite the contrary in fact.  Early on, my expectations were low in regards to the materials and generally the materials have been far better than I would have initially thought.  This might also be due to the high degree of construction quality of garments.  I've had many regrets...
Had a shirt jacket made just recently. Haven't washed it yet so I don't know.  Go back about week or two and you'll find Luxire's post of it. 
Are there measurement diagrams like this for suit jackets?? I've been wanting / waiting for that for a quite awhile now.
It's 80F degrees today where I work...last week it was 62F.  I can't justify it ....
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