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My sneakers collection!!   The best ones about quality valentine sneakers!!    The worst one (with difference) balenciaga sneakers!!! balenciaga sucks!!! ripped after wear them 3 times!! 
dandefilippo I have these valentino sneakers and love them!! super quality. ​I have dior homme, balenciaga, martin margiela, lanvin snekers and I have to say that these one are the better one about quality!! love them  
lmaozedong if I decided to buy a jeans in one cut maybe I would sell the other one; anyway the more polite answer is that I spend my fuckin money in what I want
Hello:   I have SLP black jeans in 17,5cm; I have never seen 15 cm in person; someone who has this cut could tell me if it worth that cut?    I know both are black jeans, but I think 17,5cm is more classic and maybe 15 cm could be more rock style
Completly agree with bond007 about slp jeans quality.
I don't know how leather effect jeans are;but raw jeans are very dissappointing;I strongly recomend you to go a boutique and tru and see them in person rather than buykng them on an e-boutique
Does anyone know what is the difference between SLP 17,5 brut and SLP 17,5cm raw? if you check luisaviaroma page you can see both models and with different colour.   I also don´t know why LVR tells that all jeans are made in italy. Mine are MIJ.   It is true that SLP sneakers are very similar to common project one; if anyone interested in this pattern you can also find another similar in zara (obviously they are not in leather and obviously the quality is very...
SirGrotius   what jeans are u wearing in this photos? MIJ raw 17,5 or SLP 16 cm? (I supposse that the raw are 17,5 because they are skinny)
Similar model from zara: (but as you say the difference is in the details)    
Similar sneakers (but as you say the difference is in the details)   http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/es/es/zara-S2013/358057/1048014/DEPORTIVO%20ASIMÉTRICO
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