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Hello:   Anyone has experience with those jeans? size, cut...   Thanks for the info!!!
Does anyone have experience with those jeans (dark blue version)?   Fit, color...|SeasonId=61I&CollectionId=25Z&ItemId=62&VendorColorId=MTYwMg2&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&Language=&CountryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&CategoryId=0&ItemResponse=&MenuResponse=&SizeChart=false&ItemTag=true&NoContext=false   Thanks!!
Overpriced crap clothes.   Sorry Hedi but no more waste of time and money. SLP goodbye! I will remember your days in DH.
Lol how people get crazy about a simple comment or an opinion lol. fuuma if u want to looks like a slimane model good luck!!! hahahaha
In Europe is very normal to have "normal" legs tha Beckham has. Maybe you think that the "normal" way is to be a slimane model how weights 30 kg but sorry but the anormal is you!!! That is the reason because SLP does 17,5 cm hem because not all "men" are slimane men. Please read an article about slimane models and you could see who is the anormal and who say dumb comment. And try to be more respectful with the other views because maybe who say dumb things is you;"normal".
This is just a simple comment; not a retarded comment.    I know you are so smart to know that your legs have no comparation with Beckham legs.   But not everyone has size 26 on jeans; there are too many people who are "normal" lol
If someone want to know how saint laurent jeans fit or look like just watch current David Beckham picture.   All jeans he is wearing now are Saint Laurent (he pass from Dior Home to Saint Laurent as the majority of us are doing now).
My sneakers collection!!   The best ones about quality valentine sneakers!!    The worst one (with difference) balenciaga sneakers!!! balenciaga sucks!!! ripped after wear them 3 times!! 
dandefilippo I have these valentino sneakers and love them!! super quality. ​I have dior homme, balenciaga, martin margiela, lanvin snekers and I have to say that these one are the better one about quality!! love them  
lmaozedong if I decided to buy a jeans in one cut maybe I would sell the other one; anyway the more polite answer is that I spend my fuckin money in what I want
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