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Does anyone know how their different trousers fit?   I can't seem to find any slim-fits only the original, traditional, tailored and straight fitted pants. Which one should I go for? 
How's the quality of their sweaters?    I'm considering buying a cashmere cable knit. I've mainly focused on the sweaters made by RL but then a J.crew that seemed nice poped up. 
What do you guys think color-wise about wearing the loden/white colored sweater during the spring/summer months?
I see :) My usual problem is that sweaters are to short so I guess you'd be right. I just ordered a M Brooks Brothers and I'll later order a M L.L. Bean. I hope they'll work or else I'll have to sell 'em myself...
  Since you're asking so nicely I'll tell you that the fact is that I got a hard time gaining weight. I asked you guys a question and if you won't answer it; spare me your non-contributing comments.
Since you ask so nicely I'll consider it.    The problem is that I have a hard time gaining weight. 
Thank you for answering.    I'm not very muscular so I guess my shoulders are pretty small. When it comes to shirts I usually use custom S or M slim fit (PRL). The problem with sweaters in size S is that they risk getting a bit to short. As I said I'm 6'. Do you reckon a S J. Crew would be long enough :)?
Anyone familiar with how J. Crew fits?   I'm 145 lbs 6' tall and wondering whether I'm supposed to be a S o M. 
Hi!    I'm about 145 lbs and 6' tall. Do you guys think that I should aim for a J. Crew size S or M? 
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