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Desperately seeking a Billy Reid Helmet Bag from a couple of seasons ago.
WANTED TO BUY Billy Reid Quail Jacket. Size L or XL. New or used considered - price will depend on condition.
WANTED TO BUY: Billy Reid Tweed sport coat in either 44R or 46R. New or used considered.  
Hi all, I'm trying to track down a pair of brown Billy Reid Tassel Loafers in either 10 or 10.5 US. Open to new or used. Any help or offers welcome:  
How many more times will you try snob yourself off to a legitimate question?   The answer's been given. No need. Peacock somewhere else.
Yeah that's what I'm worried about. Thinking it'll come out weird to take four inches of a waist. Bugger.
What's the most you would get a tailor to take of a waistband?   Would there be any problem taking a 38 waist to 34?
Great chinos, off the top of your head, do they do a dress pant too in that fit? (Pardon my ignorance, we don't get the same commercial scope here in NZ...)   Prada
I'm having trouble finding a good quality black dress pant that tapers to an averagely-skinny hem. Does anyone have any suggestions? If it helps, I'm looking for a 34 waist and 32 inseam, and they're to go between the sportcoat and shoes below.
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