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Hello Can I ask about your hight in centimetres? - I am 170cm myself, could this fit? - Any chance for a price drop and how about shipping costs to switzerland? kind regards, Andreas
Hi it's me again with another question concerning the suits. I generally wear Pal Zileri suits in size 38R, Drop 8. I have seen that your suits are drop7. Do you think also an 36R, drop 7, would fit me. I like the suits trimmed fit and the jacket length of 73cm or 74cm would be fine as well. How do you think is the overall cut of the suit? More classic or a shaped fit? - Thank you in advance for your help. It's just because I don't know if to buy the 36R or the...
Hello, I would like to buy the grey flannel chalkstripe in Size 38R. how shall I proceed. Delivery would be to Switzerland. Is payment by credit-card accepted? - Thank you for your reply. Kind regards, Andreas
Hello could you send me the measurements? - Especially jacket/sleeves length and waist of the trousers. How is the general fit? More slim fit or classic? - Thank you for your reply. Andreas
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