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Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter one of the worst IMO was I Am Legend... so much potential but just didn't quite get there. The book was fabulous (Matheson); a pity it didn't translate to the screen the way it should have (Omega Man was pretty bad, too).
Andrew Robinson
I wonder if Fairley will be the #1 pick now.
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 John Fox is out. I think Cowher is coming out of retirement.
Quote: Originally Posted by PeterMetro Seinfeld, 4?
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I don't feel like digging through to find all those of you who were picking the Chiefs, but a) I told you so b) fuck you!!!!!
To Scott Pioli: PLEASE draft Julio Jones or Jonathan Baldwin. PLEASE.
Yep, that was a pretty terrible call.
Heap's killing us.
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