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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire They cut Marcelle last week, can't cut Dale this week. Trey is very quiet, doesn't really make good TV, so off he goes. Big personalities seem to last longer than their cooking skill would account for. Btw, was Trey the guy that roughed up Marcelle after a few drinks and got canned? Tre seems to always get confused with the guy that shaved Marcel, but that was Cliff. And much like last time he was on...
Funniest all-time moment so far: Angelo misspelling Crocodile for his quickfire challenge dish?
Most important question: Is Oklahoma Joe's still open?
Is Lucas hurt? Something's off with him, it seems in the games I've watched.
I wouldn't give up on Izzo by any means yet--he's just too damn good a coach.
Bevo stops our streak at 69
You might get extremely lucky and find a Yamaha Avant upright on sale, or used?
*sigh*; I'll give it a shot, but will separate into two different lists. When I hear "best", in terms of composers, I think of it in the total and comprehensive mastery in all genres (vocal (lieder/opera), symphonic/large ensemble, keyboard, and chamber music). The other list is just my personal favourites at the moment Here goes: 1. Mozart 2. Bach 3. Beethoven 4. Haydn 5. Schubert 6. Schumann 7. Brahms 8. Debussy 9. Liszt 10. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas ^^^ Ah, but we're now a decade into the new millennium. X infinity
Cripes, I was hoping we were done being subjected to these ludicrous "Top Ten" lists with the passing of the millennium.
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