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Which Gates location?
I'll have to double-check the last bottle I got on a nice recommendation from the spirit shop near Lincoln Center, was very pleased with it. Coeur de Lion, of course, is reliable but pricey.
I've always liked their chili.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy just got around to watching it on dvr. 1) there must have been something else going on in that risotto, because risotto consistency varies regionally (they even use different rices) ... in Venice they like it very soupy, the further west you get they like it stiffer ... unless it was REALLY starchy and stiff. i'm sure tom knows this ... could be they cut the more extended explanation for time and they didn't think it...
I would heartily recommend Padova; lots of culture, wonderful food (hams, wines, etc) and eminently walkable.
I'm a pork guy as well, so would probably go with Kevin. Although Hung would be fun to watch cooking up a storm (as long as he doesn't serve the Smurf Village)
I think as repayment, Mizrahi should be forced to create edible underwear (of course modeled by Padma) for the cheftestants to sample.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Were these contestants serious threats to win? I can't imagine the judges cutting Blais or Angelo before the finals regardless of how badly they bomb. I would certainly say Jen Carroll and Tre were both very strong cooks.
As an aside, has anyone on here eaten at Rao's?
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker I'd rather eat stiff risotto with extra veggies than bland undercooked pasta with no sauce. I think Tre got screwed. I agree; and while of course Colicchio knows his risotto, I've eaten enough in Italy to know that there are many local variations for what passes as the "acceptable" version of that dish, from Milan to Florence.
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