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Can anyone comment on the sienna blue birds eye? Does it have a "sheen" to the fabric? Some pics look like yes others no.
Thought I would post here since a lot of people seem to have gone through the Samuelsohn MTM process.   I just recently ordered a suit (my first MTM), the process seemed pretty good. Tried on some OTR suits, they then pinned the suit to my liking to figure out the type of style of I wanted,and then did some measurements of my body, and then of the suit with the pins in. All seemed well.   The strange part was, we didn't go through many of the customization...
I've been reading a lot of these forums about Samuelsohn MTM suits. A lot of posts here have recommended the Gable. So I decided to go to a local store to take a look, I noticed that there was a trimmer version of the Gable, I believe it was called the Beckett, but no posts on this model.   In fact, I think the description was "similar to the Gable, but trimmer".   Unfortunately, the store did not have a size available in this model for me to try.   Anyone...
i recently came across some Canali suits that fit pretty well OTR. But can someone explain the difference in their suit lines?   There were 2 types of labels "Canali - Made in Italy" and a "Canali 1934 - Made in Italy". They were both similar in price.   And can anyone share their experiences with Canali MTM. I found some older threads with experiences, but they are a few years old.
Is there a difference with suits shipped from the Netherlands and from the USA? I made 2 separate orders. One is coming from the Netherlands and the other originated in the USA.
Thanks dose. What about the canvassing on the lines?
can someone confirm for me the differences in the suit supply lines? I've read through this entire forum, and it looks like somewhere a long the way, they changed their classifications.   whats the difference in the blue line / purple line / suit up?   Thanks.
has anyone ever had a problem with returns from buying online?   I did not realize the Napoli fit so large. Will be returning a 40, and trying out a 36 and 38. 
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