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  Todays Look featuring   Barbour Bradfield Shirt Farah Vintage Trousers New Balance 574 "Vintage Pack"
Regis, that Deep Jade Knit is amazing!
Apart from our blog store :)  a couple of other good blogs   I'll try to post more later.
To celebrate the arrival of the new Spring/Summer collections, Newfangle Clothing are glad to offer to all of you guys a discount code for our store. You just have to enter the code "15offstylef"   One last detail, the discount code is valid for all items, including the last stock from FW12 that is in the final sale period. VAT 23% Off for Non Eu customers.   Enjoy it!
If it's helpful in any way at the moment, our store sells Barbour and we ship worldwide ;)
  Not that I want to go too much off-topic about NC thread, but that's a good sum up of the actual state of things in the industry, especially in Europe. The mix of general crisis and brands being more agressive to sell directly to consumer will in fact "shake" the industry and lead to the close of many shops. In this beginning of 2013 we already had some examples in Europe of great known shops closing, but unfortunately there will be more.
I tend to stay a bit away from   overbranding huge scarves or echarpes torn denim
Great news, I stil don't believe I don't own any of their jackets... One of the current brands I rate so much, really curious about their fabrics.
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