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Catching up on pages and pages of posts. Saw a post asking about tie narrowing. Replied instead of quoted so my post a few back lacks a little context.   In any case, to whomever was asking, that was me.
That was me.
Untipped 7 Fold with handrolled edges in thrifted black twill.      
Playing around with typohound...     might be worth an offer
No label, no keeper.
So ever since I told my daughter she can have half the net profit on anything she finds she makes a bee line for the ties as soon as we hit a thrift.   This time by the time I caught up with her she had a fistful of Zegna's already and was asking if Brioni was any good. All she left for me was the RT BOC, Polo and a possibly fake Versace...   I suspect if it's real it's very old. I have never seen that lining before. Any opinions? Spoo?        
Huge shout out to GMMcl who sent me a 6 fold to deconstruct!   I managed to create a pattern from it and made this from thrifted cloth.   Self tipped, lined six fold.        
I can recommend   Get the accompanying DVD, well worth it.
New to the thread. Someone in the thrifting thread said I should post this here.   Wool/Cashmere Seven fold tie. Untipped with Hand rolled edges.        
Untipped Seven Fold Tie with Hand rolled edges out of thrifted Loro Piana wool/cashmere.   Made by me .        
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