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havent seen thatvsize I will let u know if I spot a pair
thsts gteat man I dont kno of too many companies that would admit to a fault like that
Has anyone bought this jacket about yet
I love this jacket
u shouldn't but it looks good I seen it in the store the only thing I can say that differs is the blue doesn't stand as well but it is a lot more distressed in person
Omg....these cargos are the best I have ever worn
Just seen Clifton boots on website ....think im gonna get them
Hey guys im in need of some boots and im really tempted to get some iron ranger in the tan color, any other ideas on good boot selections that not wolverine
its so much darker than the website or is that your cameta
money isnt the issue its just finding the pieces I want thats always the prblem and i came into rrl game late
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