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To the Melbournians: any particular nuances I should be aware of for the Cox Plate? Conservative or colour? 
Unless you are a retail banker, is there ever a good reason to wear a tie clip?
Do let me know next time you order and I'll likely be keen. May have similar tastes based on this watch. At the casual end I like interesting face and band combinations.   My more "expensive" watches are Tag and the next purchase I am saving for is a pre-owned Breitling Top Time (preferably two-tone).  
Just ordered it today so will let you know how long it takes to deliver. Strap is coming from Clockwork Synergy, LLC.
Depending on the item I sometimes ship to a friend in the US who on-sends to me.   The watch + band via Amazon delivered to Australia was something like $110 for me.
I have done the same - nice combo at a touch over $100 delivered...
Excuse my ignorance, but where online do you source such watch straps? Thanks 
I take an E shoe and prefer a bit of extra width in the toe box. Do you think Hiro last is going to be the best fit for me? I am going to put in a first trial order from the classic collection. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
  I am loving two-tones watches at the moment. This is great, and the Breitling posted earlier is amazing.   Do you know of any online resources / examples to take a look at?
Have you tried Joseph Anthony Bespoke in Claremont? They offer a bespoke service although you may be pressed for time if your wedding is soon.   The Herringbone store is at the end of London Court (corner of St Georges Tce).
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