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Wow... I would have loved to have been there! If there any men's clubs like this in DC, I definitely need to look in to it... or fill that niche.
Hey there, if you're still interested in this, PM me!
Scabal Fanatic, what about high end M2M? Not Indochino or some seedy chinese M2M shirt maker, but a place where you actually go in to a shop and a numerous amount of measurements are taken and faxed off and constructed with high end fabrics and hand finished...? And then when it's complete, you're brought in for a second fitting to have a tailor finish off anything that wasn't picked up initially.   I believe that high end M2M fills some sort of a price gap between...
Where else on the internet would I be able to find something like the golden days of SF at this point in time?    Also, sorry to OP for derailing your thread.
foo, that's a damn shame. I came from /r/malefashionadvice because they had nothing left to offer me when it comes to classic style, because it's all gothninja stuff and ridiculously fitting clothes.   I've recently started working at a men's boutique that specializes in high end custom clothing and I'm trying to soak up as much as possible here, but I've taken to searching the archives... I guess I can see where you're coming from when it comes to a decline in...
I keep seeing people post those sentiments; other than silly hipster trends like this making an appearance in the forums, what else would cause the quality of the forum to decline? What was it like in the "Golden Days" of SF? I haven't been lurking nearly long enough to know.
Holy cow I would love it DC had sweet get togethers like this.
I've read about EG, but I think they'd be a bit out of my price range despite me being absolutely in love with those shoes. I might have to make the trek to Sky Valet when I've got a free day.
If I were to do a pair of AE, I'd most likely be going there to just get sized. The Online Exchange for military members gives a serious discount on a few pairs of Allen Edmonds (strands for $200, and everything else is about $250).
Good evening, SF. I'm in the market for some dress shoes or dress boots in the Washington DC area.   I'm looking in the price range of $500 to $750. These will be my first "nice" shoes and I'd like to be able to wear them with a navy and a charcoal suit.   Can anyone recommend some good brands or stores in the DC metroplex, hopefully closer to the NoVA area or NW DC.
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