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If you need any help with the buff guy shirting, you know where to find me! Or thunder thighs :(
Just ordered a pair of penny loafers in Navy CXL with contrast thread and RLH soles. Pretty excited to see how they turn out.
Ok, for $300 you can't get a dinner jacket made. Much less purchase a full tux. You're going to want to rent it. And if you just want to blend in, get a something like I mentioned you shouldn't (black on black on black) or any other ridiculous "tux" ensemble. It's high school prom, dude. Go wear some stupid orange suit or something; it's like the last time it will ever be acceptable.
Budget?   How traditional do you want your evening wear to be?   How often do you plan on wearing this stuff again?   Your best bet as a high school senior is to find a place that rents and alters for you. As long as you don't show up in what J. Tim is wearing (black on black on black) you'll be fine.
Wow... I would have loved to have been there! If there any men's clubs like this in DC, I definitely need to look in to it... or fill that niche.
Hey there, if you're still interested in this, PM me!
Scabal Fanatic, what about high end M2M? Not Indochino or some seedy chinese M2M shirt maker, but a place where you actually go in to a shop and a numerous amount of measurements are taken and faxed off and constructed with high end fabrics and hand finished...? And then when it's complete, you're brought in for a second fitting to have a tailor finish off anything that wasn't picked up initially.   I believe that high end M2M fills some sort of a price gap between...
Where else on the internet would I be able to find something like the golden days of SF at this point in time?    Also, sorry to OP for derailing your thread.
foo, that's a damn shame. I came from /r/malefashionadvice because they had nothing left to offer me when it comes to classic style, because it's all gothninja stuff and ridiculously fitting clothes.   I've recently started working at a men's boutique that specializes in high end custom clothing and I'm trying to soak up as much as possible here, but I've taken to searching the archives... I guess I can see where you're coming from when it comes to a decline in...
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