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@henrylkr tbf, it sounds like you wasted your money if that's the case. Why would you spend money on something when you had no plans to purchase any articles of clothing over the next few years? It's not like you can trade your membership like stock in a company.
Sadly, along with my thick thighs comes with thick gut. The pants were a 32" and I've got a 33", pushing 34", waist. I got one button across done and realized that for the sake of my wallet and Mauro's pants that I'd prefer not to bust a button!    I believe he's got a pair of khaki's in a 34" waist with a Paul fit still. Next time I'm down in Alexandria I'd be happy to swing by and take a fit pic for you. 
So I had the chance to swing by Mauro's place yesterday to help test the overdyes. Fantastic job on the slim fit. I've got a very athletic build and it fit like a dream. One less shirt I'll have to drop off at the tailor.   I also had the opportunity to try on (and purchase!) one of the knit blazers. When Mauro was looking through his inventory to find a pair of pants for me to try on, I noticed the texture on the blazer from a few feet away and had to see how it wore....
Just shot you a text, Mauro! 
I rocked my WvG shirt and tie combo this weekend at a wedding and got a ton of compliments on the set up. i couldn't believe how well the B/D cut fit off the rack for me.   As always, Mauro had fantastic service and advice. Looking forward to purchasing many more items.    
If you need any help with the buff guy shirting, you know where to find me! Or thunder thighs :(
Just ordered a pair of penny loafers in Navy CXL with contrast thread and RLH soles. Pretty excited to see how they turn out.
Ok, for $300 you can't get a dinner jacket made. Much less purchase a full tux. You're going to want to rent it. And if you just want to blend in, get a something like I mentioned you shouldn't (black on black on black) or any other ridiculous "tux" ensemble. It's high school prom, dude. Go wear some stupid orange suit or something; it's like the last time it will ever be acceptable.
Budget?   How traditional do you want your evening wear to be?   How often do you plan on wearing this stuff again?   Your best bet as a high school senior is to find a place that rents and alters for you. As long as you don't show up in what J. Tim is wearing (black on black on black) you'll be fine.
New Posts  All Forums: