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I just placed an order for a pair of Crosby Squares from gilt. It was a deal too good to pass up, ($99 marked down from "$515") They are a Chelsea boot in brown. I've looked at the crosby square website and all it says is that they will be available at "select upscale retailers". Does this mean that gilt is their sole choice of retailer? Can't find them anywhere else.
I dont think it would be worth it. After trying it on i decided that this jacket is too long for my body type, 5'7" 165lbs. I'll be keeping an eye out for shorter styles.
Just got the jacket in and it was unfortunately too big in the waist area, but fit the chest and arms perfectly.  Looks like its headed to da Bay.
That's good to hear. The jacket arrives Wednesday and will post some fit pics...now if Fedex for once, could deliver early 
I just placed the order
I've been wanting to buy a Belstaff leather for so long I'm finally going to pull the trigger. Saks off 5th website has a pretty good deal for their leather circuitmaster (around $580) in a nice blue. However, I would really like some help on the sizing. I'm a 38r and all they have left are 40s. Would it be ok for me to size up without having too much "excess" ?
Hello all. Among the midst of the current Ralph Lauren sale I managed to snag a tote from what I believe is their purple label line. It's called the "Gents Easy Tote." I couldn't find any information regarding which Italian leather maker manufactured the bag. I would also like to know the level of quality the bag is as it did look very minimalist in the sale pic (the retail was $1250...snagged it for $250 ). Any information would be much appreciated!
Hello all, This is my first time using the classified part of the forum and would like to offer for your consideration a pair of RLPL double monks.  They are made in Italy and I believe they are made by Sassetti (I may be wrong).  Size US 11 in a beautiful shade of brown. I received them as a birthday gift from my grandparents and they unfortunately run about a half size too big. I will upload pictures of the real shoes after I return from Japan.  U.S. shipping only....
Hi guys,   I am going to be going to college soon and am looking for an all-in one bag (Briefcase, weekender, etc). I found Colsen Keane Custom Leather Goods, and really like what they are doing with their No. 4311 large satchels. Tempted to buy, but wanted to consult the SF group first. Are there bags worth the $900 they are charging (Quality and craftsmanship).    This is the one I am looking at getting:         Thanks
Just got my Timberland Boot Company Eastern Standard Chukka's in! Will post fit pics later on this week. Here are a few pics with my iphone:       Sorry for the sideways shot               These are not yet available on the Timberland website, but got them because of a warranty exchange. You can however phone order them, mention style # 4025R.   Overall evaluation is amazing and I would rate this better than anything I...
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