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Hi guys,   I am going to be going to college soon and am looking for an all-in one bag (Briefcase, weekender, etc). I found Colsen Keane Custom Leather Goods, and really like what they are doing with their No. 4311 large satchels. Tempted to buy, but wanted to consult the SF group first. Are there bags worth the $900 they are charging (Quality and craftsmanship).    This is the one I am looking at getting:         Thanks
Just got my Timberland Boot Company Eastern Standard Chukka's in! Will post fit pics later on this week. Here are a few pics with my iphone:       Sorry for the sideways shot               These are not yet available on the Timberland website, but got them because of a warranty exchange. You can however phone order them, mention style # 4025R.   Overall evaluation is amazing and I would rate this better than anything I...
Bump, Anyone?
Hello everyone,   What are you're thoughts on leather goods, specifically their leather satchel, made by Colsen Keane? I saw and read only one other thread mentioning them and couldn't find anything else. I will be going to college soon and really like the idea of a backpack configuration. Here are some pics:     Backpack configuration:     Is the price worth the quality and workmanship of the bag? The other thread mentioned how low the thread count...
When I tried it on, it fit like a normal jacket, wasn't too short. I think it was the model they used. I am 5'7 and I believe the models are taller than I am.
Here's and interesting fact, I guess singer pop stars wore this jacket too. (Chris Brown and Usher) plus, everywhere I looked, if says the jacket is sold out.
I did the math and it turned up to be just a little over 80% off retail.
Can anybody offer some advice? I may pick up this jacket next Friday.
Hello all, current reader of these forums and want your advice!   I just visited my local Burberry outlet and they had this beautiful blue leather jacket from there Prorsum line.    Here is a pic I found off the internet:       Now, before I purchase this jacket, could the SF members educate me on a few things?   A) I know the Prorsum line is the highest that Burberry offers, but is the lambskin they use "quality"?   B) The jacket was on sale...
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