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Does EB allow for custom medallion design?
Thank you. Just curious, since I've only ever seen the Tewkesbury with brogued leather as opposed to the stitched apron.
Could anybody identify the model below? Thanks.
 Interesting. Time to save and plot.
I would agree. Is there anywhere that has a detailed explanation of his various lines, along with ordering protocol?
While we're on the jag about exotics and hide procurement, can anyone speak to Bonafe's ability to access and work with Croc or Gator "nubuck"? I also saw mountain ram nubuck on Meccariello's instagram and it could be sweet in the right style of shoe.
I'd be interested in chocolate brown with a 65% commitment, though I'd also like to see the chained norvegesse switched to say a "regular" storm welt. Any love for the larger vibram commando soles like those on the monkey boots? Just thinking this would be one tank of a boot on a heavy duty sole. For what it's worth, as a 74945 wearer, 363 sounds like a better fit for this.
Lots of luck! Wore mine yesterday, great makeup.
Kicking around some ideas.   Hidro jasper monkey boot on 363 with vibram lug sole. Anybody intrigued by the idea of getting their Agnelli on with a suede tank of a boot?     looking into black stingray seamless whole cuts. Maybe blake for a low profile evening look on a black sole with flush taps. Can anyone comment on blake durability with EB in their rotation?
Thanks! Would love to know what colors of stingray are available.
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