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These Charvet demi mèsure shirts just arrived a few hours ago. Apologies for the iPhone photo. As for ongoing, I'm still eagerly awaiting a pair of fawley semi brogue faded mto shoes from Foster&son. Also, the two swatches of blue sea island cotton that came with my charvet order have already won me over and I know it's only a matter of time until I give in. Just hoping I can hold out until the holidays.
The suit I had in mind with this is my E&R DB made of heavy duty holland and sherry twill in navy with a faint grey pinstripe. Though, I was also impressed at the way it looked when held up against my lighter weight navy herringbone suit. As for collars, I tend toward a very wide spread. I just love how a FIH on one of David's ties perfectly fills a wide collar without slipping so much as a millimeter over the day.
Thanks a lot. There was something about it I just really liked. Usually I err on the side of wovens over prints, hence the grenadine, but I thought the madder would fit well with my flotilla of navy DB suits worn with pale blue and white shirts. The drape is lovely. I may order one or two more in the other color ways.
My second Hober arrived about an hour ago. I was eyeing the madder print for a while and pulled the trigger after stock dwindled to 2. The grenadine was my first order and has seen a handful of uses so far. Both are 6-fold construction. I'm extremely impressed with the feel, quality, and the excellent customer service David offers. [IMG]
^ Definitely a clever solution to an important concern. In hindsight, I don't know why I was so quick to rule out something like a very light wool in the first place, but a cotton and cashmere blend sounds interesting. I completely agree about not wanting any hint of cheap chinos or a mass of unsightly wrinkles to obscure what I'm going for. Will need to do some homework on the suggestion you made. Thanks a lot
I have a potentially blasphemous question regarding an idea I've been kicking around since seeing an interesting Berluti tuxedo at Harrod's around the holidays.   Assuming one tends to have more formal obligations in the warmer months, as well as a girlfriend who loves to dance, could they wear a tuxedo made of cotton without looking like a complete jackanape in a black tie setting?   I was thinking of traditional details and fit:   1 button, shawl lapel, no vents,...
I got a little sale happy at E&R while in Edinburgh (Apologies for shoddy lighting and phone camera).The sky blue was unpacked too quickly to be photographed. Hopefully I'll have something more hardcore to post when charvet completes my mtm order.
Thank you for the insight. I must admit I spoke a bit soon about Cifo RTW. Since last night I've been doing a bit more research and am thinking that something more in the Pal Zileri/ Hartwood area may be ideal as it would meet my needs for a well made suit in a fairly standard makeup at a reasonable price. I must admit, though, that I have always admired the Neapolitan silhouette. I've set aside a given amount from my last summer position and semester of tutoring to spend...
That does sound enticing. I recall reading a bit about them in the earlier pages of this thread and the possibility of getting it done in one week makes it that much more more appealing. Thank you.On another note, I will have to look more into Hartwood.
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