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I also tend to prefer Charvet knits over my others (Ede and Ravenscroft, Zegna, Lanvin, BB, Drake's) and they can often be bought at a reasonable discount from Mr. Porter. I would assume with the more recent decline in the euro that the knits are cheaper at Charvet (~€115 on my last visit) than at some high end retailers in the states which often charge nigh on $200.
Eh why not? First entry here: Hickey Freeman Brooks mtm Charvet Mr Porter Hank is cotton today for some reason. Shoes (not shown) are dark brown suede derbies from Alfred Sargent. Apologies for hasty pics.
Sounds great! Are there any updates on the Bonafé peccary shafted button boots?
Continuing on the chukka jag, these Riders arrived today as I was polishing up some other shoes. Need to get them on my feet!
Cognac peccary:
Could anybody help me dissect the upper configuration of these galways? I hope posting the image as a screenshot isn't an issue: Looks to me like the 82 last and I could see the shaft being mahogany cc, but I'm unsure as to the exact colorway. I love the way these look, especially with the extra darkening on the toes.
Just testing the waters in light of this shell talk. Is anybody interested in an EB GMTO for - single monk in something like whisky or cigar shell? Here's the image I pulled offline: So I'm thinking... 363 last (looks like that's the one shown) Shell (negotiable on shade of brown) Red goat lining Handwelted single leather sole with flush taps
Well, it looks like I'll go with Foster's for the country boot. Hoping to base it off their crendon rtw boot but add a bit more galway flavor and use my zug. I think I can get the ball rolling during their next NYC visit. On the mto end of the spectrum, I'm thinking about a more supple yet still rugged boot. Probably a 64 last galway in straight dark oak (maybe extra burnishing) like the one I saw from Leffot. Red or purple lining will be selected for fun and I'm still...
If they're set to drop with the thomas brogue and other new heritage models, I was told about a year back in November. I would love a Holyrood replacement. It's about the only formal pump I've found off the shelf in calf as opposed to patent.
I'd love to get in on this. I was considering a bespoke plain toe single monk in the RR but got distracted by the other shoe quests at the moment. Anybody have more info/ideas?
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