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Decided to add a 500E to the stable ASAP and to put the g wagon a few months back in the timeline. The hunt is on!
Thanks. I've seen the two that palm beach classics has listed but can't get there right away to see and drive. They're about the only two reasonably nice ones I've seen in black.
Mind my asking where that one is?
Nice choices. I always laugh at the futility of the kinder seat in this sl, though the extra leather is a nice touch.
Recently came across this pair of santoni goodyears in my travels at a nice discount. I've been contemplating going back to purchase. The double leather sole and fudged welt seem a bit at odds stylistically with the straight cap design. Still, the welt is not much chunkier than, say, the 270 hand welt on my bonafe shoes. I really want to get out of my BB park avenues. Thoughts?
I couldn't agree more. My 2013 sl550 got back some of that heft, but my former 2007 was tinny in comparison. Fortunately the G class still has that Heft. I think a '94 500E is the next choice for me though.
Thanks! The search was a bit long, but this one seemed right. The prior owner maintained it without regard to cost through the original dealer for its entire life. So far all I've needed to do was to replace a few seal washers for the top locks and one footwell light. Could do with a waxing if the weather ever becomes tolerable here.
The newest addition for me, an '87 560sl. It's definitely a tighter cabin than my r231 550 but it continues to impress me in terms of the driving experience.
Thanks! Lama shaft on these. It's a bit thinner than peccary.
The new arrivals got unboxed today. Per usual, it was a great experience with EB/Skoak.
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