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I don't suppose that Enzo Bonafe offers anything in the way of croc suede? Saw some Japanese bespoke croc suede norvegesse chukkas which are nearly identical to the bonafe model save for the upper material. If there was a Way to get something similar I would be elated.
The black/black peccary is currently a proposed GMTO. I believe there's a day or so left for interested parties to inquire. I'm itching for a pair.
Wait.  @dddrees, @RogerP, and @Ironist weren't we agreed on the button boot as opposed to the balmoral, or have I missed something.
 So it's black/black, peccary shaft, 74945 w/ dainite. I'm sold. Sorry if this question is redundant, but what's the ETA for these?
How easy has the 74945 been to fit? It looks great on this boot , to be sure.  
Dainite and that makeup win the day for me. As far as sizing I sadly don't have much of a point of reference. Any advice on the proper EB button boot size in the above last for the newbie who only knows he's a fairly comfortable 12d USA in the ae 5 and a very comfortable 11uk std width in the new Foster & son heritage lasts (fawley model, squared toe) ? Any input is a huge help. Jonesing for these boots.
I second the need for sizing help. This would be my first pair of bonafe boots. The makeup shown previously is great as is.
I think a punch cap button boot in black calf with grey peccary shaft would be amazing. If there was enough interest for a GMTO on that, I'd be ecstatic.
Any updates on the new models for the Heritage Collection which are slated to be unveiled this month?
All this Charvet talk has me lusting for another order. I went Demi mèsure while abroad because I was only in Paris for a few days. Having had my three shirts for quite some time (1 since February and 2 since August) I have found a few things I'd like to tweak that are probably outside the realm of mtm. Service has been exceptional and I plan on sticking with Charvet as they have gotten so close on the early attempts. It's just too bad I hadn't ordered the collar on my...
New Posts  All Forums: