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Out to the zoo with my girlfriend, and trying out some wild vintage PRL: Jacket, jeans, belt, PS : PRL Chambray BD pullover: BB Tie: Lanvin Wrists: shinola and miansai Glasses: rayban lite force ...and my beloved shanklins Apologies for bad lighting and iPhone quality.
Maiden voyage of my AE gobi chukkas in snuff. Fit is great and the suede looks pretty lush. I guess I can start giving the shanklins a little well deserved rest.
The coffee suede was a little darker in person and seems to pair well most things I own. I really want a pair in mink now.
My humble addition. The shanklins have rapidly become my default boots this summer.
I'm so glad that this thread validates my excessive acquisition of textured solid everything. Here's my best shot since it was cold and rainy enough to break out my lighter weight flannel today. Pardon the awful iPhone photo. Note: My black EB button boots are hiding under the table.
I also tend to prefer Charvet knits over my others (Ede and Ravenscroft, Zegna, Lanvin, BB, Drake's) and they can often be bought at a reasonable discount from Mr. Porter. I would assume with the more recent decline in the euro that the knits are cheaper at Charvet (~€115 on my last visit) than at some high end retailers in the states which often charge nigh on $200.
Eh why not? First entry here: Hickey Freeman Brooks mtm Charvet Mr Porter Hank is cotton today for some reason. Shoes (not shown) are dark brown suede derbies from Alfred Sargent. Apologies for hasty pics.
Sounds great! Are there any updates on the Bonafé peccary shafted button boots?
Continuing on the chukka jag, these Riders arrived today as I was polishing up some other shoes. Need to get them on my feet!
Cognac peccary:
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