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Thanks! Lama shaft on these. It's a bit thinner than peccary.
The new arrivals got unboxed today. Per usual, it was a great experience with EB/Skoak.
Thanks @RogerP! They should be a nice accompaniment to the black peccary shafted ones from our prior GMTO. By the way, your blue balmoral boots are inspirational.
Just received my confirmation invoice yesterday for these three pairs. Please pardon the hasty screenshots.
Anybody have strong feelings one way or the other about the 50 fathoms bathyscaphe? I'm itching for one on a nato and considering it as my next piece.
This, mostly. I might add that if something like an aqua terra Is up your alley, the co-axial (non master) editions can be had new with added discounts for about 2800 via jomashop if you watch for special promotions.
Just got word from Gabriel that my three single MTO pairs are about a week out and just need to be soled. My order was placed in early December with a quoted delivery estimate of mid to late April. Honestly, that's only about a week longer than my other pair took a year ago. Bonafe wait times seem consistently to fall around 4-5 months, which certainly seems reasonable compared to other manufactures I've purchased from.
I'm pretty sure you can. I asked for black waists on the last three mto orders I placed with EB and was easily accommodated.
Been an awesome week with my AT. Here's a photo from my first outing with it. Now, time for a few Friday evening drinks!
Made my first jump into the deeper end of the pool after being a movado/shinola wearer for some time. Omega AT 8500 co axial 38.5 just arrived. Apologies for crummy pics. Will post it on wrist after sizing
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