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Thanks for the post, the photos and discussion helped me avoid purchasing the inferior buckle.
If it takes 3-4 weeks to make a pair of pants, why does it take 2 months to supply swatches of fabric?  I placed an order on 6/15  received a reply on 7/5 and have yet to see anything?  Is anyone else having this length of delay ?
Looks like the shirt I ordered, http://www.styleforum.net/content/type/61/id/745463/ I can't wait to see how it fits.
Luxire,   Are you able to source shirting fabric like the following:                                                 80/2                                                                         100/2                                            100/2                                                                         100s                                           140 twin dobby                                                  ...
Thank you.  I'll check out the Colton Ginghams.    Has anyone else purchased the Colton?  If so, what are your thoughts in the way of fit, and how do the cuffs compare to other shirts you have are they firm or a little less substantial?
Noticed the same issue in the cuffs with the vanguard dot.  They are not as firm as I expected.  Also had not anticipated the darting in the back of the slim fit.  Hope they fix this, my other makers tend to take up the girth in the seams rather than adding darts.   Lovely colour and pattern, just couldn't get past the darts...personal preference i'm afraid.
Thank you, Lookig forward to it.
Anyone have a referral code I could use?  Looking to pick up the blue pindot.
Thank you!  Looking forward to seeing what options become available.
Please do add some more colours and patterns to the french cuffs.  At present there are only 4 french cuff listed (two tux, a blue twill and a stripe).  At present I will be staying with CT as they do offer the french cuff in a variety of options.  Would like to purchase as I think the offerings look interesting, but will have to wait until you build out the french cuff options...any ideas as to when that might occur?
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