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Bought from sufu, unfortunately did not work out.   $120 $110 + PP Fees Tons of awesome details.   PM me if you want to make an offer or got questions.
Retail >$800 Selling for $700  $640 + PP fees   (the drop down to $600 is temporary; raising back up after a week)   Super durable kangaroo leather. Ages better than horse imo.   Comes with GUIDI tote bag.   PM me if you want to make an offer or have any questions.      
accident double post
super #rare avantindietro's along with many other amazing pieces being sold by this guy   http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17690    
i agree with the first parti feel like the shirt works pretty well in the fit. what would you recommend?
wanna pm me a link?
no shit  but did you see a black suiting wool ma-1 in size 48 in the listings recently? thanks4dahelp
damn you for not listing it before I ordered
i mean if that really ruins the item for you then i'm sure you could make a case for it... don't really see the point if you like it and there's nothing else wrong with it tho
forgot to post awhile back but i ordered this.   eta of 25 weeks lmao  
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