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 Avatar checks out
 Thanks for the update. Even though the boots are coming out at a later time, at least the owner has an idea of what's to be expected quality-wise.
You're being tested Fok.
I've always wanted to see a comparison between Excella, RiRi, Lampo, and Raccagni.
How much were duties if you don't mind me asking? I was thinking of possibly picking up their hand-welted model.
Ah, yes, contacting the people at Margiela. Why did I not think of that?
Thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of pages, thanks for the read Fuuma and LA Guy.
 That's pretty fucked up/malicious du. I mean it's one thing to tell someone to shut the fuck up and tell them to stop posting but it's another to wish death upon them.
Or is it because you've never heard of sarcasm?
 I think the fashion industry has next to no intellectual property laws unless you rip-off a logo or something like that.
New Posts  All Forums: