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 LMAO Good to see some Vancouverites around here
That white stitching on the black leather (on the back of the shoe) is such a boner-kill
The past few pages make me want to gouge my eyes out
 Excuse you. You're in the TOJ thread, that's what we do here.
There were some stories/rumors of Amazon having fake Creeds (specifically, Aventus from what I've seen)
I mean for us Canadians I'd just slap down a few more dollars and get a TOJ wallet
WTT:   My: TOJ Black Suiting Wool MA-1 in 48 w/46 lengths Your: TOJ Black Suiting Wool MA-1 in 48 w/48 lengths (or longer body)   Trades only
they all got gussets   2nd isn't a TOJ ofc ^^
You mean, this?   http://www.farfetch.com/ca/shopping/men/rick-owens-stooges-biker-jacket-item-10452734.aspx
?    The texture's fine dude...
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